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I am looking for a video I watched a while back that explained how ther Master List worked and what the reason was for the Default column and it's check boxes. Anyone know where this is? Chief streamlined their videos and got rid of MANY of the older videos. Now they are all organized by 28 topics here:

but a few years ago a simple "Materials List" search would have yielded 50 videos. Now they only have 4, these:model home demonstrations

None of these videos explain what the Default checkbox option inside the Master List is for. I remember it gave you the option of different master list prices for the same item.


It might have been a materials and budget demonstration that was part of one of their model home demonstrations, or a marketing video. So I might be screwed and out of luck.


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Did you see this in help?


If the Master List contains more than one record for an item, the program references the last one entered. You can override this by defining one specific entry as the default. This is achieved by clicking on the check box in the Def column.


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I'm sitting in front my fire trying to figure this out on my Chromebook. I was going to jump on the desktop tonight to try and find the help menu on it. I did manage to download the 1200 page reference manual and saw the same thing. But if I recall last time I tried to use this Default checkbox, it didn't matter. The item kept getting overwritten..


By the way, thanks for the tip using primitive faces for site data on the other forum topic. That works along with wall material region. The material region option seems to be easier to manipulate for my floor plans but that primitive idea is great for some of my site drainage calcs.

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