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Building Model Out Of Sequence

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I am newish to CA. I have been using it for about 18 months and still learn new things with each new project. Current project is on a steeply sloped site. The house has a daylight basement (enter at upper level, exit at lower level).


In reading the help info, it appear I started working out of sequence: I drew up the existing house plans before modeling the terrain. Now I can't figure out how to get the house to sit in the terrain correctly. The terrain is correct and the house is correct, but the house is not sitting in the terrain.


When trying to exchange with the floor below, I get a pop up message that says I can't do that with a foundation or attic. I tried adding a floor below and exchanging with that, but got the same pop up message. I tried changing the structural elevation information, but it seems like I have to do that one room at a time and once I've got one room done, it won't let me change the data for the other rooms on the same level.


Is there a way to sit the house into the terrain without having to redraw the terrain and both floors of the house?




David Locicero


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If the house and terrain are correct, it sounds like you only need to adjust the Pad Elevation in the Terrain Specification dbx.

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Thank you! Your answer has solved my problem (and it was operator error). I was sure there was a simple answer, I just couldn't find it. You saved me a bunch of time and hassle.



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      Fellow More-experienced CA users,
      I have drawn as-built plans of a house for a renovation/addition project in CA v.12.  I recently received the final survey from the surveyor with property lines, major and minor contours, the building footprint, and other typical survey information.  I imported it from .dwg as a .plan file  with layers for terrain perimeter and terrain, and converted the terrain using the convert tool to make it 3D.  It shows up with terrain. Yay!  Now I'm not sure of the next steps:
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