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  1. Thanks, @solver, I've been checking that page. No responses. I guess I need to call them.
  2. Wondering if I missed something. I am having a problem with the program hanging when I try to adjust the print settings, so I submitted a support ticket (2 days ago). I seem to recall the last time I submitted a support ticket, I received an email saying somebody would look at it and respond. This time no email. Thus far no response. My SSA is paid up. Anybody else experiencing this? David
  3. Marc & Bob, thank you for your responses! I figured that the problem had to do with my not sharing all the source files. But I wasn't sure how to fix the problem. Your answers points me in the right direction. Awesome, Thanks!
  4. I am using X8. I produced the drawings for a house addition using both .JPG and .PDF files that I inserted into the .layout file from my library. This inserted information ranges from the energy compliance forms from a consultant, to job specific notes that I had written out in Word, then saved to PDF, to details. I sent the .plan and .layout files to my drafter along with redmarks for him to pick up. He did a great job. He did report that all the inserted files were reported by CA as "missing". They all show up in the updated layout file, but are indeed missing when I made a PDF from it. What is the best way to deal with these sort of inserted files? Do I need to re-insert them when I get the .layout back from my drafter, or can I send them to him to reinstall from his library? Or is there a better solution I'm missing? Thanks! David
  5. Chiefcarmeljohn, I'm not sure how I can help you. Your project is well outside of my geographic area for working. David Locicero
  6. Renerabbitt, I never received an email from you. Please try again at dslocicero@gmail.com Thanks! David Locicero
  7. Hello, I am an architect in Oakland using Chief Architect x8. I am looking for someone with about 3 years of architectural experience to act as a job captain/drafter on a contract basis. My office specializes in ADU's (granny flats), additions, and remodeling projects. Currently I have projects in Vallejo, Sunnyvale, Danville, San Francisco and points in between. You need to have your own x8 license and experience not just drafting in CA, but pulling together Construction Documents for projects in the Bay Area. You will need to be able to: 1) create models in CA of existing buildings (houses) and sites based on my field measurements and photos. 2) correct and revise my models of the proposed new work. I am particularly inept at creating roofs and terrain. 3) revise models of existing and new based on my sketches. 4) layout and create CDs for projects in California, particularly the Bay Area, with knowledge of Title 24 and Green Code requirements. 5) draft details based on your experience in Type V construction and my sketches. This position is on a contract basis. You must have your own x8 license, and your own computer equipment. You will be working remotely. Project work will not be in a continual flow, but episodic in nature. You will be able to meet reasonable deadlines. Communication between us is key. Ideal candidate will have a professional architectural degree, at least 3 years experience working for architects, and be pursuing a license in architecture. If you are interested, please email me at dslocicero@gmail.com Please provide your resume in PDF format. DO NOT send any examples of your work at this time. No phone calls at this time. Thanks for reading this far! Cheers, David Locicero
  8. I am having problems with my leader lines (the lines/arrows associated with notes). When reopen my CA layout files, I often find that 50% to 75% of my leader lines have gone wild, are no longer in the correct places and have stretched all over the drawing. It looks like a digital gremlin has scrawled all over the drawing making angular spaghetti out of my leader lines/arrows. It takes so much time having to go back and fix them, and I sometimes don't find them all until after I've printed hard copy. How can I keep this from happening? Cheers,
  9. Glennw, Thank you! Your answer has solved my problem (and it was operator error). I was sure there was a simple answer, I just couldn't find it. You saved me a bunch of time and hassle. Cheers,
  10. Hello, I am newish to CA. I have been using it for about 18 months and still learn new things with each new project. Current project is on a steeply sloped site. The house has a daylight basement (enter at upper level, exit at lower level). In reading the help info, it appear I started working out of sequence: I drew up the existing house plans before modeling the terrain. Now I can't figure out how to get the house to sit in the terrain correctly. The terrain is correct and the house is correct, but the house is not sitting in the terrain. When trying to exchange with the floor below, I get a pop up message that says I can't do that with a foundation or attic. I tried adding a floor below and exchanging with that, but got the same pop up message. I tried changing the structural elevation information, but it seems like I have to do that one room at a time and once I've got one room done, it won't let me change the data for the other rooms on the same level. Is there a way to sit the house into the terrain without having to redraw the terrain and both floors of the house? Thanks, David Locicero