CAD Details, Layout file or Plan file?

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Wondering what others work flow is regarding storing information in Chief’s CAD details.

Our current workflow sees us storing us much information within the plan files "CAD Details" as we can.

We even have the project title blocks in the project file!

However, since upgrading to X9, We’ve seen a marked slowdown while working in the Layout files for any of our projects.

And I’m wondering if having everything in the plan file is cause some of these slow down issues?

Comments from the hive?

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You have three options: your current plan, separate plan file, or layout. Some could make a library symbol.


Choose whatever works better for you. It could depend on typo of details. e.g. Windows flashing, shear, legal...


I suspect it may not make much difference as far as performance.  

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We keep our standard cad details in a separate plan file, along with anything else that's standard across plans:

  • cad details
  • legends
  • standard long column notes, the kind that don't have arrows and don't point to a specific point in the plan

We call it "commons".  Each CD layout references that plan file as well as the project plan file.  We work on a network with multiple seats.  To deal with any changes, we version it - any change = new version number.  Any time we need a new cad detail for a new condition, 90% of the time it goes in Commons.  Only very very very project specific ones go in the project plan file.


To deal with old files, (ie do we want the new commons or the one from when it was issued):  Each staff member puts a copy of the Commons on their C drive, current version only.  If you open an older file it will then say it can't find the Commons.  That alerts to make a decision about accessing the Commons that was current, or accessing the new one.  If you choose this route, just rename the old file (like put "old" at the end of the name!)


It takes a little bit of management.  But the benefit is that if you catch an error or make an improvement, you're not constantly chasing down the same change if you repurpose a legacy design.  And it keeps file size smaller.  The updating old had us kinda sorta losing our minds with the "didn't I already fix that!".  And my "kinda sorta" I mean definitely irrevocably.  ;-)






I suspect this has very little effect on performance.  One of the Chief Dudes will correct me if I'm mistaken, but I don't think this stuff has much impact on performance.  We see a slow down when it's figuring a lot of 3D faces, especially if you have a lot of views open.  I'll see a slowdown in plan view if even one 3D view is open on a very large model.  If the slowdown started with X9, I'd be checking video card drivers first (make sure have current) and then give tech support a call. 


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If you have all your details in the plan it will slow down your system. I keep my details in the lib. and on the layout, very easy to change and delete or add any details you might need. Never have any slowdowns that way.

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