Seeking paper drawings to be converted to Chief Archtiect

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Hello! I am looking for someone to translate my house drawings from paper to Chief Architect. I can give you the original drawings (plans, elevations and sections) and you can also come on site to supplement the drawings if needed (we live in Massachusetts) in order to create an accurate 3D representation of our house. We are planning on making some design changes and I would like to test out my ideas via Chief Architect but this is too tough for me to draw the whole thing on my own. I am just not that good unfortunately. I only need the shell done, I can add cabinetry and fixtures myself. I have attached a couple of photos just to give you a better sense as to what I have  (I have more drawings of course).


if you are interested in doing this could you please give me a price and time estimate? I am not in a huge rush or anything but I am really excited to start designing.


BTW, I am a graphic designer so if you'd like to swap services I'm open to that too. Just in case anyone is interested... 


Thanks very much!








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They say the best way to Learn C.A. is to draw your own House :)


You will need to work with someone who has the same version of CA otherwise you won't be able to open the Files produced , so I suggest updating your Profile's signature...see mine below for how...


Interesting House from what I can see BTW , but you are asking about a Full ReDraw, so it's likely going to take more than a Day or two...


You should probably unstaple your Plan Set , and Iron ( as in Steam iron like a shirt) the back of each page till it is nice and creased ( as much as possible )  and then goto a GOOD  Copy shop and have Full sized Scans to PDF done for Sharing , and perhaps get them to doPDF's at Tabloid or Letter/A4 size too for doing smaller/cheaper Copies.





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The images you posted are too pixelated to be fully useful. You need to take your plans to a blueprint shop and let them scan them, page by page into an high-resolution image format so someone else can clearly read what they say.  Only then could a competent user give you an estimate for creating a 3D model of the 2D plans. I would guess that such a job might take around ten hours to do depending upon how much detail you need to be placed into the resultant 4D model. I do this kind of service all the time. Like K Bird said, I will need to know what software (Chief Premier or Home Designer) you currently have, so your .plan file is in a format that you can then view and edit the results.



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