Attic Wall Changes Between X8 and X9?

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I opened a plan in X9 this morning that I completed in X8 back in January.  To my suprise, the attic walls for the dormers are sticking above the roof and the windows in that area are messed up.  I have noticed this happening before with older plans that we use to modify.  I decided to take some time this morning and look through the forums and try to determine what is going on between X8 & X9.  We have so many more issues with X9 and attic walls and auto dormers.  Something apparently changed...


See photos below of what is appearing when I open the file in X9.  I can open in X8 and it appears correct.


I assume some simple setting that I need to fix when opening these older plans.  I appreciate the help so I can quit scratching my head and placing blame somewhere else :)



Van Hoff Residence H Rear 2.jpg

Van Hoff Residence g plat front.jpg

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You didn't think to post the plan?

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