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Help to make sloped ceiling above stairway

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Hi folks, 

I'm using X9.
Can someone help me figure out how to slope a ceiling above a stair? I can do it in elevation by faking it ,5939e0819d7ad_June82017DeerfordStairselevation.thumb.jpg.4e1a58a5bc37b2242e911e22d48c97ca.jpg but not in 3 D views..5939e080a87f2_June82017DeerfordStairs3dview.thumb.jpg.cadce03c8ebb31ee8eb9b8584afc3e6b.jpg this is is my attempt. This is a photo of an example to show what I'm looking to create. 5939e086da4d2_June82017StairQuestionpicture.thumb.jpg.df6af68d1d84c61e20aa24f7b954617b.jpg.

I also can't figure out how to cover up the gap that shows .between ceiling of first floor and surface of second floor.So far all that I'm doing is using polyline solids.5939e07fbc5f8_June82017DeerfordStairs3dviewlookingintothefloor.thumb.jpg.79c815c3c6cae1974704604281fdefd6.jpg
Any help to point me in the right direction would be most appreciated!


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Make a triangle shaped psolid and pull your lower level wall back enough to place it between the ceiling of the first floor and the wall above it on the second floor.

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thanks javatom,  not sure I follow.  There is no lower level wall to pull back.  I have a railing on the second floor defining the hole for the stair, but no wall below around the stair. I think I'm misunderstanding which wall perhaps? Here are pictures of the the sample floorplans


Deerford Stairs plan floor 1.pdf

Deerford Stairs plan floor 2.pdf

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Are you just hoping to show the area in 3D to help a client visualize it? 

If so I think it can be done with some trickery :P 



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Hi David,

Yes, That is what I am looking for.

Here's what I have tried so far:

I have put in a sloped ceiling plane on the first floor, but can't figure out how to eliminate the "former" bit of horizontal ceiling.  I've also tried using a polyline, converted it to a molding.  that looked beautiful, but the ceiling stayed.

I did the same with a slab.

I even tried putting in a roof plane. that worked the best of all the ceiling was eliminated, but it also eliminated the floor above.

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I'd create a room on the second floor just above that short section of sloped ceiling. Change the floor structure to nothing.


This should give you a floor but no framing underneath. 


Fill in with the ceiling plane, a solid etc.

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