Cad Lines In Elevations Inconsistent

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Another quirk or maybe something that has just started happening to me since X6 is CAD lines in elevation view after being sent to layout messing up.


I use a lot of louvered panels under houses here by the coast and I am now getting them partially see through or missing in parts. Louvered panels are 3.5" think.


I use a invisible wall around my under house slab and around piers, but set the louver just inside the wall to fill in spaces between piers.


I get this weird inconsistent pattern when I update and send to layout. It is different every time but never perfect the way it used to be.


See attached plotted page showing what I am referring to in my elevations. I am using same camera settings in X6 as I did in X5 I think (default).



Pages from Kirk Wood- Mt. Pleasant, SC (REV-8.6).pdf

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Have you taken any backclipped sections in areas where the panels aren't displaying properly?  Just seems like there should be an explanation as to what is causing your problems.  If you can't get it figured out, you'll either need to zip and post your plan here or send it to Tech Support.

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There are two likely causes for what you are seeing.


1) You have forced two 3D elements to occupy more or less the same space resulting in odd problems with regard to the lines being drawn.

2) We have a modeling problem where one of our parametrically generated items is not working correctly.


There is also an unlikely case of an algorithmic problem in the code that produces the lines causing a problem.


Item 1 is correctable by you by modeling things as much as possible like they would appear in real life.


Otherwise contact our support team and they can track down the problem.

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