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  1. BroderickDesign

    X9 Label Quirk & Program Lock-up

    Yes, thanks for the replies. I recently had the problem again as my system did a Dell update and went ahead and updated Nvidia at the same time so I had to roll back again! It if absolutely the cause, I have found if I stick with Nvidia 382.05 everything works great! I have a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 in an Dell XPS-15 Thanks! Pat
  2. BroderickDesign

    Nvidia Drivers Updated

    The rollback to 382.05 worked for me! The new update 390.77 did not work. I have a GTX1050 notebook
  3. BroderickDesign

    X9 Label Quirk & Program Lock-up

    Anybody ever have an issue with the label tab when you open up an object not work at all...I cannot change the label on a cabinet etc... also my cased opening always is stuck on a label size like 5080 and if I make it smaller the label stays the same...weird quirk in x9 I cannot work around. Would thus be related to a GPU card? It would seem weird. Is there some kind of default label setting that's locking me out of re labeling things etc??
  4. BroderickDesign

    X9 Label Quirk & Program Lock-up

    I have been using X9 for awhile now and have found two problems which may be specific to my install or a setting... 1) I cannot change the label of some items (seems to be locked) -One of these is cabinets - Another one of these is Cased Openings 2) The program will lock if I try to close my last window with either an elevation or a 3D view in it. If I close those the floor plan will lock up and I have to shutdown and re-boot program. -This is workaround-able as I can always leave one open until I am done. The label problem is a pain and I cannot create custom labels for some items as I cannot open the label tab on an item. It's like it is deactivated for some things,
  5. Hi, I understand you are looking for someone to do design work through internet and exchanging idea and sending plans back and forth till finish.  I am online freelance chief drafter with 6 years of experience and can help you accordingly. Thanks.

  6. Hi, Got your requirement and can help you freelance basis. Please knock me if you are interested for further discussion. Thanks.

  7. BroderickDesign

    Need Ongoing Drafting & Design Help

    Hello, I would like anyone who is interested in ongoing help with my design business. I am in Charleston, SC and do mainly elevated homes and renovations. I have many projects and not enough time to do them. I am interested most in someone who could draft in Chief from my direction after meeting with clients. I would provide a set of criteria, lot dimension and client and my ideas to get a plan started. Sometimes I may provide an inspiration plan, sometimes it may be a sketch by me and sometimes it could be my chief files with design complete but need to you to do the layouts for permitting based on my past plan sets I could give you. Please let me know and I can send you examples of my work. Patrick Patrick Broderick -Owner & Designer PO Box 12113 Charleston, SC 29422 Website Facebook Instagram Google+
  8. BroderickDesign

    Importing CAD Layers- Backgrounds

    Hello! We often have to import CAD files for designs such as site plans, existing floor plans and title blocks... Is there a way to import these and have all the associated lines come in as black?? Every times for years I have imported for instance a site plan...I have to manually convert all lines and content to a black line layer... Can this be done automatically upon import? Please help!! I waste hours converting! Pat
  9. BroderickDesign

    Cad Lines In Elevations Inconsistent

    Another quirk or maybe something that has just started happening to me since X6 is CAD lines in elevation view after being sent to layout messing up. I use a lot of louvered panels under houses here by the coast and I am now getting them partially see through or missing in parts. Louvered panels are 3.5" think. I use a invisible wall around my under house slab and around piers, but set the louver just inside the wall to fill in spaces between piers. I get this weird inconsistent pattern when I update and send to layout. It is different every time but never perfect the way it used to be. See attached plotted page showing what I am referring to in my elevations. I am using same camera settings in X6 as I did in X5 I think (default). Pat Pages from Kirk Wood- Mt. Pleasant, SC (REV-8.6).pdf
  10. Why are my new models getting this show through of sheathing through the outer surface? I never have seen this prior to X6? See attached shots. Pat