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Tried for years to export clean to Max. X7 showed promise with 3ds format export but has never worked... not working in x9 either. Tech at Chief does not seem to know how to do it. I have several work arounds that must be imported then exported through several other programs.


What is the best way to get from Chief X9 to #ds Max?

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This is my favourite way, quoting from another topic in the forum:



These are my steps for exporting to 3D Max:


1-) Export your Chief model in 3ds format. (Done)


2-) Import the 3ds file into 3D Max.


3-) Export the model from 3D Max as a fbx file. (Now we have our Chief model in fbx format.)


4-) Re-import the Chief model in fbx format into 3D Max by using "Link fbx" option. This will allow them to seperate objects by material.

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If 3ds export from Chief fails due to vertex limitation, Collada (dae) format also works fine.


Alternatively vrml file format works great, but wrl has two negatives:

1-) This file format, by default, triangulates the surfaces. I hate the model in 3D Max with many triangles.

2-) When you import vrml model into Max, you have to use standard materials for transparent surfaces. You can't assign Vray Material on window glasses for instance.

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I do this all the time for issues at all, and very easy at Ozgur suggests.

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Ozgur, I cant get Max to import a Chief 3ds file... I'll try some of your other work flows and let you know.


Looked at your Vimeo channel.... fun stuff... thx

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8 hours ago, flyer1 said:

Ozgur, I cant get Max to import a Chief 3ds file...


This is interesting. How? Is there a warning message from Max?

You could send me your Chief plan if you don't mind. I could check it for you.

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