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  1. flyer1

    360° Panoramas

    Are there different viewers that can be embedded on my web site that would work well. Rather not have the ChiefArchitect branding.
  2. flyer1

    Export to 3DS Max

    Ozgur, I cant get Max to import a Chief 3ds file... I'll try some of your other work flows and let you know. Looked at your Vimeo channel.... fun stuff... thx
  3. flyer1

    Export to 3DS Max

    Tried for years to export clean to Max. X7 showed promise with 3ds format export but has never worked... not working in x9 either. Tech at Chief does not seem to know how to do it. I have several work arounds that must be imported then exported through several other programs. What is the best way to get from Chief X9 to #ds Max?
  4. flyer1

    Displacement map

    I will play with that. I used file manager so the file must be hidden. I coped the zip file to a different folder and set it up. Displacement maps add huge jumps in realism. I like to export to 3DS Max for higher quality renders and animations. The 3DS export has not worked in Chief since X7. Tech guys at Chief don't know why. Have got several work arounds to export to other programs then into Max, but a pain in the #@**. I will be posting this question shortly to see who has the best method.
  5. flyer1

    Displacement map

    Got it.... Followed files to Referenced Files\ then located DaleTile.Zip.... Got the image. Thank you for your help... it got me there
  6. flyer1

    Displacement map

    Can not copy to displacement... it turns red and is gone when I click ok. Tried file manager with copy, no go. Say cant find file check spelling. C:\ProgramData\Chief Architect Premier X9\Referenced Files\ Blend (Multi-Color Slate with Silver glass) 1in. Random Mosaic OS03.jpg Want the image so I can adjust to grey scale for appropriate displacement file
  7. flyer1

    Displacement map

    I'll give the copy a try and let you know. I have searched via folders and cant find... hidden?
  8. flyer1

    Displacement map

    how can I find the image / texture jpg of materials so I can create a displacement or normal maps. FYI... I was excited about the maps included in X9.... but there not many there. Also getting better results with displacement maps.