Assistance w/ square recessed lighting symbol

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Hi All,

I did some research in the symbol related area of the forum. Apparently Chief has yet to develop a square recessed light in the library, which is quite surprising given the huge popluarity in LED square lights these days. I could be wrong, but the threads made no reference on where to find one, only suggestions that you make your own.


Anyway....  The attached plan shows 2 lights with data sources. A third (square symbol) is home made.  I did my best to  assign the correct "emissive" properties to it, the same way that the library content has, but it still won't emit any light. Just a soft glow.


This isn't a huge deal, but I was hoping someone might have a quick answer on whether or not one can create a symbol which behaves like a light.


Thanks in advance!

Lighting Symbol Test Plan.zip

Light Source coming from library symbols, but not from new symbol.jpg

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It's pretty simple - you just need to define the symbol as a Light. Select the symbol and open the Symbol Specification dbx. Under Options>Options select the Light checkbox. Click OK.



Now double-click the symbol to open the Electrical Service Specification dbx. Under Light Data>Light Characteristics enter whatever you want to define the light source, and under Light Data>Options select the On checkbox. Click OK.



Now you have a light:


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Hey Robert,


Thank you very much! This is awesome. Really appreciate your time in outlining the step by step on how to do this.


The Bonus catalogues seem to be full of all sorts of amazing fixtures, and how this one object is still missing from the basic inventory is unusual. ...I bet it would take the programmers only a short while for them to add this to the library.


Thanks again! Val


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