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Some general questions from a newbie (22 years using AutoCAD):


  1. How do I control the font size on my lot plan?  I brought in a lot drawing from AutoCAD and then cut it out of the Floor 1 and put it into my Lot Plan (CAD Detail) .  I have it dimensioned with Quadrant Bearing, but in my drawing the font is very small.  When I click on the outside lot, it says it is on Object Layer:Lot (which I created).
  2. I do not fully understand the plotting to pdf.  It has taken me quite a bit to get the pdf file to plot properly.  At the start, I had the dimensions and any text coming through quite dark but the lines to the house are way too faint, you can barely make them out when the file is sent to a plotter.  In my main Plan file, I have the Drawing sheet setup to use 1 for all line weights and then in the layout I have it set to A line weight of 1 = 1/500.  I dont completely understand what the settings are doing.  I have read the help file but it is very complicated (or I am way too simple).  Can anyone fill me in?
  3. Where can one go to learn more or take courses in Canada, preferably in British Columbia?



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Chief has online classes and there are a lot of people here that does training

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      I am trying to do a presentation plan and am using a top down orthographic view with watercolor and overlaid lines. I can't get the resolution I need exporting an image from CA so I have sent the view to Layout as a live view. We also tried it as an image. The problem is that every time I try to create a PDF two walls disappear. The view box is large enough, so I haven't cropped the view, I've had our veteran Chief guy look at it, and we're stumped. Here is the result:

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      If you are capable of drafting from only photo references, let's make a deal!