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Looking for a draft-personal to use chief architect to lay out a 6 lot 13 acre Ranch subdivision with roads, Paddocks, Barn, outbuildings, solar farm, greenhouses and 4 SFR lots using Chief Architect for basic design of Plot plan and Elevations

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I think this would be a job for a civil engineer.  You would have to start with a topo.

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    • By CJSpud
      I have a plan in which I have used a couple of barn doors from the Chief library.  These report to the Fixture Schedule and are shown as "slabs".  I would like to have them on the Doors layer and have them report to the Doors Schedule.  Is there anyway to do this with the Chief barn door symbols? 
      I changed the label manually to "barn door" and the layer to Doors but nothing happened.  They still report to the Fixture Schedule and are still shown as Slab(s) in that schedule.
    • By Kansaschief
      I'm seeking a designer to complete my new construction house design.  I rented Chief software over the winter so I could help my wife visualize the house we are budgeting for.  I am very happy with my results, but Spring is here and I'm too busy to finish.  I'd like a professional to complete the problematic areas and maybe add some curb-appeal. Aside from making myself comfortable with the design of the house, my end-goal would be to develop a plan from which I can perform some take-offs and render a framing plan to take to a truss company and a local framer.  I am very reasonable to work with. I need a verbal quote on the to-do list.  Wish-list will depend on remaining budget. 
      -Add high 14' ceiling in the living area. The roof raises when I add ceiling.
      -Add high windows in living areas.  Clean up all windows (size, height).  I'm pretty window-design stupid. 
      -Clean-up wall heights, floor thicknesses. 
      -Add columns at porches.
      -Add veneer to front of house and columns.
      -Exterior design- dormers, siding, roof options or maybe some craftsman-style details. Maybe an accent wall section on the outside of the pantry area.
      -Provide some design options for cabinets.
      -Hydronic floor heat in an elevated concrete main floor. If anybody has experience with designing these systems that would be a bonus.  (this has it's own design budget)
      -Add split-level sunroom on south end. 
      -Value-added design ideas are very welcome. 
      -Basement bedroom egress design.
      -Maybe add underslab plumbing, maybe electrical.
      Thanks for reading.  Le me know if you are interested or if you have questions.  I might want to follow up with a phone call. 

    • By Lee2m4
      My name is Lee and I am new to this program. I am trying to recreate my house to show my wife the upgrades we can do. My house is a ranch style house with a garage sunken below the house. If you come up the steps from the garage you open the door and there is a landing, turn left and your on the main floor, or go up 4 more steps your in the master bed room above the garage. I can't seem to find any videos on how to create this. I have the rest of the house finished I'm just stuck on this part. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Thank you
    • By Tony_Sterba
      So I posted questions about this before I started in regards to "what to charge".  I tried to add this update to that post, but couldn't figure out how to add the attachments - so I started a new post.
      Having said that - I have three main concerns with my overall subdivision rendering that I need some advice on.  The concerns I have are as follows:
      #1 - Does anyone know why - in vector view - my exterior patterns are being cropped?  They do NOT do this on an individual file basis - but now that everything is inserted into one file - I am having crop issues.
      #2 - I really do not want the shadows casted across the street from the buildings.  I Googled my longitude and latitude and inserted that info in my drawing for my location.  Is it just a matter of goofing around with the months and time of day to eliminate the large shadows casted?
      #3 - the rendering seems dark.  I have the direct sunlight turned up to 6.0 - which is higher than I usually do. I don't want any white blow outs - so I am trying to keep the direct sunlight to a certain level.  I do have tone mapping turned off.  It seems to look better (brighter) when turned on - but still not that great.  For some reason, when I do individual renderings of single buildings - I have my normal settings that typically work.  For some reason, in this overall subdivision view - I can't get the sun/shadows correct.
      Any help, comments or insight to the above three issues would be greatly appreciated.  This is only a starting point.  Once I get the above three question figured out - I think this could potentially look amazing when done.  Thanks in advance for any input from other users.