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Two issues i'm having with box windows id appricate any advice on.


1. Can I really not copy a box window i setup?  I want to make a duplicate of the box window and "copy" doesn't work....?


2. I'm curious why on a box window the "front" of the box window attic wall siding isn't showing.  I don't see an option for this, and I made triple sure my roof plane above wasn't cutting it.







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Let me preface by stating that I don't  really think I like the box and bay window tools.  Not nearly enough control.  They seem like a very amateur tool made for the Home Designer product line and not for true professional use.  It just seems like that tool never really hits the mark.  I think building those from scratch is usually a better option.  


To sort of answer  your questions in a nutshell though… 


1.   You can kinda copy those with Edit Area but it's a little tricky and I'm not sure they always behave properly once they've been copied like that.   Try it out though.


2.   Without seeing a plan it's hard to say what's wrong with your attic wall.  Those wall types can be controlled by the main wall type for that floor,   By the wall type you designate in the window dialog box,  independently if you use the spray can,  or by the exterior room material settings.   The attic wall material  can be controlled independently if you change the attic will type or paint it with the spray can as well.   The material on the attic wall may also depend on whether you change the main walls for the box window before or after you build the roof.   Just a few things to look at. 


 I would start out by deleting that particular little attic wall twice and then take it from there. 

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