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Roof help immediately - looking for tutor to help up my game

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1st I need immediate help with a roof. I'm bogged down in a plan and need to finish asap. This project started out as a spec house and it sold before starting construction. Buyers have changed a few things including the addition of an exercise room in the attic space and I have to get creative with the roof to make the stairs work and have enough head room.  City has some serious restrictions that impact my roof options. 


2nd I am transitioning from running my own design/build firm in California where in a year I might work on 3-4 plans to moving to Dallas to work for my family's custom homebuilding business where I'm designing more than one house a month - many are new construction but some are major remodels. I'm also supervising the construction of 5-6 projects at a time which further impacts my ability to devote hours to learning more about CA. 


I've used CA for at least 10 years but I need to almost go back to the beginning and learn some of the things I glossed over. I've just done the minimum to get a permit and then handled all the details on site with no issues. However I'm not building every house I'm designing so I need to provide a complete set of construction drawings. I'm a quick study - I would love to learn how to do things correctly as opposed to just having someone fix them for me.  

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      I created the attached plan in 2018. Found out that CA Premier was the only version that could do post and beam framing. Wondering if it's possible for one of you CA Premier users to convert my plan to post and beam. I'm also having issues creating an offset gable roof. Trying to get a single roof plane over entire structure but plan keeps generating one roof over the first floor and another over the second. My goal is to create a hybrid using post and beam for the first floor and standard wall framing for the second in an attempt to save money. Ideally, exposed timber trusses would support the roof over the first floor. The entire second story floor would be supported by I joists boxed in to look like beams or possibly 8x8 beams. I'm located in Northern Michigan.
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      Hi Everybody, Ive been using chief for quite a few years, but I'm having roof issues. I have come across these issues before, but I just cant seem to remember how I fixed them. I have attached a couple of pics and the chief file. The front porch is uncovered, and on the area closest to the garage, I keep getting the interior ceiling poking through. I've adjusted the walls, ceiling, and roof to see if I could fix it. nothing seemed to work. The area above the entry, I believe is just a little more extreme, with the same issue. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
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      NTD Solutions llc and
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      Asus Z97 deluxe MB
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