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My client wants to add a coffered ceiling over the break room. I drew a rectangular polyline where

I want the coffered ceiling to go.  When I try to convert the polyline into a hole in the ceiling I get an

error message saying the ceiling hole polyline is placed where the ceiling platform

has 2 different heights, and tells me to move the hole. The ceiling in this small room is 10'-0" high.

No multi-height ceiling. How do I fix this and  what is telling CA that I have multi-height ceiling platforms ?

I have included my plan. The area I am speaking about is clouded.





PTI Technologies Remodel with coffered ceiling.plan

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The Office above the room where you are trying to create the ceiling coffer has a structural floor level of 149.5", whilst the default for the floor above is 148". This is why you are getting the message of 2 ceiling heights. I enclosed the area on the upper floor over the office, changed the floor level of the office to 148", and the problem went away.



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I am new to this so I am not really sure why this is happening. I enclosed the room above the office and clicked on that

room, went to the structure tab under room specifications and changed the Floor (C) to 148" from 149 1/2". I also did

the same for the other rooms. I went back to floor 1 and double clicked on the break room where we are making the coffered

ceiling. I now get a message in the BDX that " Ceiling values may not be changes as the floor above has varying ceiling heights".

All of the boxes  under absolute elevations and relative heights are grayed out except Floor (C). 


I went to each room above and they all have Floor (C) at 148".  I clicked on all of the rooms around the break room to see if I

get the same message in the other room. In all of the other rooms I do not get this message.


I am missing something.  I am not sure what I need to change and what floor to do it in. Can you take a look at my plan and let me know

where I screwed up and how to fix so I can put a coffered ceiling over the break room.








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Consider setting your platform defaults -- floor and ceiling heights etc.


Add exterior walls on the 2nd floor so you have a room definition where there is none now.


Set first and second floor to their defaults.


Now add the ceiling in the break room.

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