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I added 2 ft into a plan at different areas of 2nd floor and first floor. The Building sections did not update and showing additional walls as you can see in the 2 bldg. png sections. Also the one with stair is not closing up after moving stair at top landing.


Any help would be appreciated..

Bldg Section  (2).png

bldg Section .png

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Are you sure you are moving the top of the stairs on level 1.

Or are you moving that "Open Below" text box on level 2.

The extra "walls" on level 2 in section are not walls, they are filled cad polylines created by the Auto Detail command.

They are the wall fill from the walls in your old section.

Delete them and then Auto Detail again - probably best to delete all the auto detail cad from the section before redoing Auto Detail. 


it looks like you have dropped the level 2 ceiling height as well - that is why they extend up above the ceiling and there is ceiling insulation level with their tops.

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