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I have generated a building section on an addition project I am working on. My questions are regarding line thicknesses,

drywall not showing up in the section, R-30 attic insulation showing as 4" thick. There is a couple other questions that I

marked on the plans.


I have attached my layout sheet with the building section. Can someone take a look at the section and let me know how

to change the line thickness of the P.W. Sht'g. and walls. Also why is the drywall not showing up. How to have the insulation

in the attic show up the right size. I have already tried changing the line thicknesses in the layer display options. That worked

for some of the lines, but P.W. roof Sht'g and walls did not change.








2016-23 .layout


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Check your wall type definitions.  Some of the lines are set at 35.  You can set it to a smaller setting.  The ceiling will show up if you go to your layer set called section view and turn on the layer called "rooms"  You have a soffit on the roof so the blocking is showing where it would go.  The ceiling insulation can be adjusted by going into the room preferences setting.  Under structure, set the ceiling joists to 9.5" (or whatever thickness of insulation you want to show.

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You have a soffit on the roof so the blocking is showing where it would go.


I am not sure what you mean. There are no roof soffits called out on the plans.

The section show no soffits. If that is the case, how do I set it up so that the

blocking shows up on top of the top plates and between the rafters ?






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