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Have clients who are fed up with their architect and wants to start construction on their house ASAP. There is an odd parking court that essentially you would have to be the best driver in the world to navigate and they have 3 children rapidly approaching the driving age so they realized this is a major mistake. Want to make some modifications to floor plan that will require touching just about everything in the plan set - site, roof, elevations, floor plans, etc. The modifications are not going to take long but the thought of redoing everything that was done in CAD is daunting. 


Any suggestions from the veterans on how best to approach this task? When I use the import feature everything shows up as tiny miniature layouts all over the page. 

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You're not going to be able to import the layout (paper space) files into Chief and get what you want. You need the actual CAD files (model space), and even then, it's not really a job for Chief. You will most likely need a 2D CAD program to make this work the way you are envisioning.


I have learned to pass on these types of jobs. I am simply not set up for 2D CAD any longer. 

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