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It would be good to go through the basic tutorials that Chief has. This question is almost at the level of "how do I draw a wall?" and is asking more for tutoring than help with a problem you can't solve. This forum can be very helpful, but people expect that you've taken the time to learn the basics on your own.

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    • By NatalyaH
      I have been trying to place a rectangular polyline onto a Layout file that has a solid grey fill.  All the fill settings are set to grey as well as the default CAD layer color.  Despite this when I exit from the polyline specification box the rectangle will still only show as a solid black.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this and make the polyline boxes be filled with a solid grey? 
    • By Garreth
      Hi all, I am running x14 and would like to know how to set the default line setting when sending and external elevation view to layout so that it is grey as per the pattern. I thought I had a handle on this in previous versions but have lost the setting.  Essentially I want the default setting to be grey line for pattern when sending to layout , at the moment I am having to manually go back into the layout box and mark the pattern line as grey. I assume also the lineweight can also be set.
      Does anyone have a solution here and is this resolved in x15?
      Thanks in advance to the problem solvers....

    • By HumbulRenovator
      So as per a prior question, I am manually drawing a subset of my roof. 
      With the roof overdraw feature enabled I got these nice shoe plates that look correct. Is there a way to manually draw these? I feel like I've tried every object type under "Roof Framing Tools" but they all end up as blocking rather than resting on top of the rafters.
      And yes I have tried changing the "Role" of the object to "Shoe Plate".     It seems to have no effect.
      I'm using Chief Architect Premier X14.

    • By BIVOUAC
      Hi, I'm new to Chief Architect and looking for someone that can set it up for me. I use Autocad ans have graphic standards that I would like to use and layouts (different size). I also which to have typical assemblies created (walls, foundation, floor, roof, etc) and will also be seeking for materials to set-up my main products (reference to specific products). Help on workflow can be an asset. Maybe stairs options.
      As I am searching for services, the help is not required immediately and everything will be subject to a collaborative discussion. I need to get an idea of the budget and time I should allow. Maybe start with basics and progress along the way.
      Thanks a lot in advance, Chief Architect seems very interesting!
    • By Elopez
      Hello, I'm new to chief architect and I'm trying to use this sink that I wants in my model but is not in the library so I have to download it from the website. But when I do it comes out in 2D and the 3D one doesn't come out like I want. I have downloaded the sink in drawing DWG, OBJ and I don't know what to do. The pictures at the bottom are the sink and what I get when downloaded.   sink