Exterior Elevation Issues, 2nd floor ceilng.

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I have a few issues with this plan and cannot solve them. I would appreciate any help.

1) board coming out of rear elevation

2) Front Porch - colums need lined up with slab and 1/2 column needs removed against the wall. Front Elevation keeps opening up between the 2nd level and attic area. 

3) 2nd floor plan ceiling keep changing to 117 in from 96 in! I have changed in defaughts and it keeps changing back! Building section of 2nd floor needs 8 ft ceiling all across. showing space above. I am tr\ying to get const. drawings finished on this plan today. 


Thanks for anyone helping.

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hit enter before uploading file
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I fixed those items for you, but I could see some other things, fixed a few of them, Merry Christmas

I sent you an e-mail link to it for download

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Hey Perry I could not open this file. I am using x8. Could you tell me how you fixed whatever you did?




Newell Cheatheam 

X8 Windows.64 bit

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too much to state here, it opened X9 automatically. I'll open in X8 and re-do it and send it to you again.

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