Curved stairs with curved panel railings OOB solution

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Here is a video showing one great concept regarding the potential of chiefarchitect, i.e to be able to reshape the straight panel to a desired curvature and at the same time make it follow stairs,  This method simply combines the tools we are already provided by CA.

Curving the straight panel by using Window Treatment Tool and then apply it on curved stairs to automaticaly get curved panel railings, this method has a lot of benefits.

There are a lot of situations that you can adapt a programmed workflows to solve difficult problems.

This video explains how to....



sp 3.jpg

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Very Nice Work Yusuf,  Hoping CA will take some of these OOB findings and put them into the X9 Box for everyone to use.  Should not be too difficult considering that the programming is already done and railings are just walls with spaces in them.   Audio is much improved, keep up the good works. I would give you another point but we are tied at the moment.



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    • By yusuf-333
      Step by step procedure on how to do circular stair with smooth curved railing is explained in this video. You tube rejected18minute video as too long to apload and made it as 3parts. it is my first time time to get this message from You tube, though I didn't apload 18 min video before now.
      Any thanks for watching, hope sound is OK this time.