Partial 2nd Story under roof

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Existing house has a second story gable addition added to back of house - to create a master bath and closet they built under the existing roof to 7'3" ceiling. 


Adding a new master bedroom so part of the middle section of the house will have a 2-story elevation. I've done plans with 1 1/2 stories or rooms completely under the roof with dormers but never half in half out like this. Leaving the master bath alone which is centered under the main ridge of the house front to back and adding the bedroom off to the side but with gabled ceiling. 


Front part of house has 16/12 roof then switches to 10/12 for the back section.


Anyone have suggestions on the best way to set up room defaults so the roof generates properly. Realize I will need to do some manual manipulations once it's generated. 

3605 Potomac Downstairs bath rev.plan

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More info on what you want, so many ways to put a roof on it. Lets get what you want without me guessing.

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