Garage flat roof with a 1:40 fall. Dingle parapet

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Hi guys. Im fairly new to chief but thought id get it to design a garage.

Ive built a basic shell which was nice and straight forward.

I now need to create a flat roof with a fall of 1:40 with a single parapet at the front.

Ive tried following the build a flat roof and build a parapet roof guide, however could really do with some help to do it.

I seem to end up with a hipped roof.

Cheers guys for any help.

Just trying to get planning in the uk and want to not involve an architect

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Just make a roof plane, open the dbx and set the pitch to what you want.  You can then take a section view and adjust the roof plane until is looks in the section view like what you want.  Parapet can be a wall on a separate floor or a polyline solid or even a wall below with the roof pulled back to allow it to pass through.  It might take some manual wall adjusting.

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If you will follow this exactly you will be able to create a flat roof with parapet.  You can't set the slope on it (I don't think) but you can specify it the way you want it with notes. I did the practice plan attached just following this information:

KB 00295 Practice plan.plan

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