How to draw an arched entry porch

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What is the best way to draw an arched entry porch with round columns supporting the arches and roof.


I have attached a picture of a rendering showing what I am trying to model.


Is there a training video from CA showing how do accomplish this type of arched entry porch?







House with arched entry.bmp

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    • By SNestor
      I'm just wondering if how I'm going about something is really the fastest and simplest method.  
      See attached elevation.  All the arches and brick details I created in a CAD DETAIL FROM VIEW.  I created polylines in the detail view, copied to my elevation view, then converted to either a material region or a P-Solid.  Colored them as needed to look like brick or mortar.  Even the step flashing shown is made from P-Solids.  
      It's all a bit time consuming...just wondering if there isn't a faster/better method?