Vertical rebar in concrete wall

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How do show rebar verticals in concrete walls?  Want to layer on and off on structural drawings.

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Show it in a detail ,and let Chief just be a representation of what you are building. For me it's not worth the extra time to manually install the bars in the slab and footings. The DBX for those things are just for the materials list at this time.

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    • By robdyck
      Does anyone know how or where one could set different rebar options for different types of walls, or is the components tab the only place to do this? Example: I have retaining walls that require far more rebar than my default foundation walls. And unfortunately, one cannot copy a component AFAIK.
      Side question: is there a simple automatic way to get no. 4 rebar to report as 10M in a material list? And no. 5 as 15M etc.