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I know this is such a small thing but, I just figured this out by messing with the door settings.  I bet most everybody on here knows how do this.  Maybe some newby's might not know this.  Anyways, if you would like an opening in a wall but don't want it to be a cased opening just follow the steps below...


1. Insert a cased opening.




2. Click on the cased opening in plan view.

3. Click on the door Icon for "Open Object".

4. Click on the "Casing" tab.




5. Deselect "Use Interior Casing" and "Use Exterior Casing" if it is not grayed out.




6. Close out of the door settings dialogue box.



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I would have to say this is pretty basic stuff. Thanks for sharing..

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Let's take it up a notch with a request to Chief.



I've been doing this for  many years.

The only issue with it, is once you've created a "Non-Cased Opening", the opening is  virtually impossible to select while in 3d or elevation view mode. I usually  have to go to plan view in order to select the "uncased opening". 


Any one else have this same issue?-BB

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