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roof deck and cantilever

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I am working on a new design that incorporates roof deck over living area that is continuous with a cantilever portion. 

The image shows where the floor system will cantilever out on both floors. Where the yellow highlight is will be a floor truss. My idea is a 7-8' cantilever with a 26' building width but I will have to talk to the engineer when that time comes.

So I want for the floor trusses to extend out and I want to represent it that way in the drawings.

I've studied many threads but I'm not sure of the best way to do this. 

I want a larger fascia. I want the gutter concealed behind the fascia and I want a railing on top.



I think that I should:

(going to call floor 2 = ceiling of floor 1 and floor system for floor 2)

make a deck on the right side (since there is no room underneath it.

make a balcony over the deck on the left and a deck over the open space.

turn off deck framing. change deck framing height to match truss height. define the floor finish thickness to represent my roofing which i will fix up in section.

when I build trusses, extend them out of the building.


for floor 3:

define a flat roof and make it look like a deck. use a nolocate, nodefine railing wall to make the parapet. define overhang etc etc in roof framing.


Please advise.



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Just draw the decks,  period. Use the deck railing tool, easy! Try it and see what happens



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