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Chief gave us the "Room Polyline" but sometimes I need a Wall Polyline, something that can be labeled without using the "Wall Label" which is generally only usable in the Plan View.


So here's the trick:


1.  In an Elevation View

  a.  Select the Wall Material Region Tool

  b.  Click on the desired Wall

  c.  Click the "Convert to Plain Polyline" icon on the Edit Toolbar

2.  You now have a Polyline to which you can:

  a.  Add a Fill - Solid, Semi-Transparent, X-Hatch Patten, etc.

  b.  Edit the LineStyle, etc

  c.  Add a Label which can have an embedded macro


It's not what I would call the ultimate solution for labeling - but it's a lot better than nothing.

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ps:  You can even add that WMR to the Library.  The next time you  want to use it just select it from the Library and click on a wall in any 3D view.

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2 additional tips:

1) You can use a WMR or you can also use a Custom Backsplash. The WMR works well for most situations but a CB has some benefits of its own. For one thing it automatically cuts out for cabinetry and appliances but it also (and perhaps more importantly) only covers a single story of any given wall (whereas a WMR will cover the entire plane top to bottom including sections of the wall on other floors).

You'll find that both techniques will require a little modification to the polyline from time to time depending on what exactly it is that you are using it for but it's definitely a handy trick.

2) Slightly off subject, but in addition to what Joe has suggested using it for, you can also use the same technique to produce polyline solids in order to create additional finish layers that;

A. Display properly at outside corners (WMRs DO NOT).

B. Can extend beyond the wall area onto adjacent structural components.

C. Don't display the extra vector lines that often times take so much effort to deal with when creating rooms that span multiple levels, split levels, and multiple wall types/heights.

D. Allow for various wall covering options...all in the same plan...that can be toggled on and off via layer settings.

E. Allow for other customizations and more stability than WMR's often do.

...I'm sure there are others.


Note: You can also use additional single (or multiple) layered walls to achieve much of the above and they will automatically cut out for windows, doors etc., but they come with a host of their own challenges and limitations.  


Anyway, just wanted to throw all that out there because those particular methods have really come in handy for me.

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