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it there a way i can Snap a dimension lines to a roof overhand lines?

i am able to to snap the the Roof Plane. but not the Roof Overhang (dash line)


i remmbered at some point in my other drawing i was able to do that. but lately on this new template plan i recently made. im not able to.


is there a Snap setting??  Layering ?? Dims?? i forgot and missing?? 




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Would be best if you could post the plan but...


It looks like you're trying to snap to a roof plane baseline.  I can't seem to set a dimensions directly to those either so there are a few options that come to mind:

A.  Dimensions from the edge of your roof plane to something else and then drag the other end back to your baseline.  It should snap this time.  You can MOVE a dimension TO a baseline, but for whatever reason it doesn't seem to pick up on it during initial dimension creation.  I run into this same behavior on a number of other items as well.  I've gotten used to it but I suppose maybe I should be reporting it.  I probably will next time. 


B.  Use Point To Point dimensions


C.  Draw CAD lines and dimension to those.


D. Turn your wall layer on, dimension to those and then turn the layer back off.


Hope that helps.

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