Dovetailed joints on Log Home

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Can someone please help me on the best way to create these joints with logs? Does anyone have symbols?




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You would need to create "Log Symbols" with the dovetails on each end - you will probably also need some with dovetail on only the left end, some with a dovetail on only the right end and some with no dovetails.  Don't forget the half logs for use at the base and the top of the wall.


Once you have them created you would place a stretch plane at x=0 and z=6 (1/2 log height) so that the dovetails don't get distorted when the logs are resized.


Then you design your building with a wall thickness about 1/2" less than the log thickness (make the wall type a single layer of a gray material which will in the end be the chinking).  You can insert doors and windows in those walls.


After you have all the walls in place, start stacking the logs centered on the walls and adjust the lengths as needed.  Use "Transform/Replicate" to stack the logs at the appropriate spacing.  ie:  If the logs are 8"x16" and you want a 2" chinked joint you would replicate at z=18".


Basically you use Chief to create normal walls that appear to be solid chinking.  Then you stack the logs just like you would if you were building the structure.

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