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  1. I am looking for this door but not a barn door but an interior door. Does anyone have this or is there a way to edit this symbol? I am using X9
  2. I am looking for symbols with the knotty pine material for cabinets and walls that closely match what's in the attached files. I also need the hardware and hinges. If they don't exist I am willing to pay for this. Thanks everyone!
  3. I need Chief Architect symbols to be able to duplicate the dovetail joints and logs exactly as shown in the attachments. Also would like a simple .plan file so I can see how to build the walls with windows and doors in place. Needs to be compatible with or able to be imported into Mac X8 version. I also might need continuing help with creating 3d renderings and floor plans using these symbols for a major log home builder in the US. They will be suppling floor plan jpgs and elevations for importing and used for tracing. There are approx 40 plans. They use hsbCAD with Autodesk if there is a way to import a compatible file. If anyone is interested email me for more details. Thank you! Mary Gallant
  4. Can someone please help me on the best way to create these joints with logs? Does anyone have symbols? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for your advice. I think I need to pass on this project.
  6. Does anyone know if a compatible file can be exported from HSBCAD/AutoDesk that can be imported into Chief X8 to create 3D renderings? I have a log home builder client who would like 3D renderings of their floor plans. Thanks
  7. For some reason when I try to render interior final views with shadows the screen just turns black. Final view works and raytrace works. And It works on exteriors. I added lighting and upped the ambient settings but still renders black. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  8. I am building a floorplan for a duplex in Chief x2. So far I have created the first floor and a second floor but I get stuck when dealing with ceiling heights and roof planes. Please see the pdf of photos of the duplex I am recreating. I also am sending screenshots of what I have done so far. Let me know what other questions you might have. Thanks!!! Mary PS. We are not doing the small roof over the first floor in the rear. It will be shear wall. 5 x 7 in.pdf