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  1. Hi Rene, I've been searching for a cloud-based library storage solution for years. I've dabbled with a few (some my own) and have ended up with duplicates or other issues which have driven me back to the old manual sync. I have three licenses and three users. I just wrapped up a couple of big projects and am finally upgrading from x9 to x11 and am going to give your solution a shot... I'm super excited about it just imagining the time we all will save! In watching your video it looks like you store the core, manufacturer and bonus libraries on your local drive. I use Onedrive and am wondering if I can store these files in the cloud (with a continuously updated copy on my local drive) and still use your method for the user libraries or am I asking for trouble? Any advice would be much appreciated! Suzy
  2. Did you ever figure out a good solution? I often have the same issue - I'd like to be able to select which segment(s) of the roof have a gutter and which do not (like you can with a molding polyline) rather than be forced into having a gutter automatically placed everywhere the tails occur. I'd like control over each segment and not just over the entire roof plane as a whole.
  3. Christopher - I didn't want to copy and paste either - particularly because I had all the defaults set up just right!! I was up to around a 100 mb and it was really slowing be down. I tried to delete the multi surface items to no avail. Ultimately I did copy and paste and it brought it down to under 30mb (with the vanities!). The strange thing I saved the under a new name and then deleting everything (trying to save my default setting). The blank file was still huge! I talked to Chief but haven't had time to follow up. I read a thing on purging unused CAD blocks. I tried that but it didn't help. Perhaps it's the ghost of all the undos Good luck. Might be worth the try just to see what happens.
  4. I've been using Chief for more than 11 years. I'm plenty familiar. In all my years I have never encountered this issue and if it was typical behavior I would no longer use Chief. Perhaps you misunderstand the issue. Your assumption that I need to become better oriented is rude.
  5. Perry - Here is a picture of a "new" attic wall after I moved the wall on the main floor plan. If I open the wall now and click ok it will regenerate properly. However, it's tedious to have to keep opening and closing the attic walls to get them to behave. Unfortunately re-build walls doesn't work. I can group select which makes it a little less painful but that's all I can figure to do. I have had to delete other attic walls before but never have I seen this. Have you ever seen anything like this? Thanks in advance for the help.
  6. The plan I attached I had already cleaned up. If you don't mind, will you try moving a couple of walls on the main level and see if you can get the problem to reproduce. Otherwise I can attach a non-clean version. Essentially every time I change the floor plan the attic walls go crazy.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm working on a design with a monoplane roof and vaulted ceilings pretty much throughout. Every time I move a wall in the floor plan a new attic wall is created but the old wall still remains. Also, the new attic walls looks all crazy - jaggedy up and down, covering doors and windows, etc. The only work around I have figured is: 1. Delete all of the attic walls (which turns many of them invisible), 2. group select new attic walls, open group, and uncheck "invisible" (this gets rid of the invisible issue) 3. group select new attic walls again, open group and click ok. (this gets rid of the crazy issue) This design is currently undergoing major changes so this work-around is slowing me down. Any help would be appreciated! I'm currently using x8 (but had the same issue when I opened the plan with x9). Thanks, Suzy
  8. I have had a problem with file size in x8. Not sure about x9 yet. When my files get above 50mb they start to become unwieldy and slow. I was working on a 900sf remodel recently and my plan jumped up 25mb with very little change. I was able to do some sleuthing and realized that one of the vanities from the Kohler library was the cause (all 25mb of it!!!). With another plan, I copied and pasted the file into a new "clean" plan and the file size dropped significantly and I was able to work with it again. There was no reason for it. Also, when I deleted everything out of the old file I was still left with a very large file... go figure. Long story short - I'd recommend looking for those library items that might be causing you grief and/or try coping and pasting your plan into a new file and see if one of those tricks work.
  9. Oh my gosh. Thank you so much. That was exactly what it was. It's funny, I've never done that before but with the new interface I thought what the heck - I'm tired of having materials called "dry wall-painted whipped cream", etc. Thank you again for figuring it out for me! Much appreciated.
  10. I thought I attached it. Here it is. The crazy thing is I just did a super simple box with a roof and a couple of interior walls. The issue did not replicate. There must be something with this plan. It's kind of a funky roof-line (that I'm still working on modeling) but I can't see why that would cause this issue. Arhed Opening Issue.plan
  11. Hi everyone - It's been a while... I'm hoping one of you awesome Chief gurus can help me out. I fought the upgrade to X7 but finally bit the bullet for my latest project. I'm working on modeling the AS-BUILT and everything's been going along well until I tried to suppress the casing on a couple of arched interior doorways. I can see the stud material peeking through instead of nice clean sheetrock. Also, when I created a nub wall, the end showed the Doug Fir stud material - the sheetrock simply wouldn't wrap the exposed end. I haven't come up against this before and can't seem to figure out how to fix it. There are no invisible walls creating odd intersections. For the doorways I tried setting the casing to zero. This created a smoother look but then the molding doesn't wrap around the doorway opening. I know I can create a molding polyline to fix this but it really shouldn't be this hard! I searched the forum and can't any other threads indicating this issue. Am I the only one? Any help is much appreciated. Suzy