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  1. I just confirmed with Chief Architect that the SSA is not transferable. The amount listed above does not include SSA. I should have said NEW SSA. :-) If this transaction happens this week you could purchase a new 2019 SSA license if done before the end of the year and save 10% on $495.
  2. Yes it is still for sale!! I wanted to confirm with Terry at Chief Architect whether the SSA is included in the transfer fee or not. I don't believe it is, but want to be sure. She is out of town until after the 1st. I'll connect after that!
  3. That is correct. Only the license is transferable, not the SSA. And yes the SSA is $495/year. Didn't know it is $525 after Jan 7th. Thanks for the heads up!
  4. I have a second X10 license I purchased and never used. Would like to sell it for $2300. I confirmed with CA that the transfer fee will be $900, which that and shipping of DVD is included. New X10 license cost $2750; with current 10% off promo through December 31st it would cost $2515. Savings of over $200! If purchased before mid-March, you can upgrade to X11 with SSA.