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  1. That I most definitely agree with. I am still on Revit 2016 and my firm has seen little reason to update passed that because there are barely any improvements over the years. Each new release brings about less hope for things to actually get better. You are very right about Autodesk products in general, their only major advantage is that they are so inbuilt into the design marketshare while actually offering little more than their competitors. I use Revit mostly because it's what I'm now used to and what I've encountered the most from firms around me but it has a long way to go before it could be considered the software to beat.
  2. I see what you mean for your first point and I do agree that I use a workaround in Revit for that as well. However I really disagree with your second point. That is that Revit is majorly only good for boxed buildings. Out of both Revit and Chief only one of would be able to form a shell structured building and it wouldn't be Chief. Chief has always worked through floors but with Revit you can work through form. As to the issue with the sloped ceiling light I don't recall having an issue like that myself so far. But I do believe you, over the years I have developed a lot of workarounds for Revit so I do know how difficult it can be and that it is definitely not perfect, but no software is. I'm not here to start an argument though. Whatever issues you have that make you want to drop Revit is valid. I just think you're choosing to see the weak points to Revit more than its strengths.
  3. I'm sorry to jump in on this but I'm not sure what exactly you mean by lines with letters here. I'd call myself a Revit expert as well but I do agree that it is not the best for small residential projects. However I've never understood the concept that it takes too long to use to design barring instant dimensions with chief but to each his own. I've also never had an issue drawing up site plans in Revit especially so I'd like to know what it is you're exactly referring to. Also 2D Drafting is a lot better in Revit than it is in Chief (although we all work differently so I will say it is for me and also to each his own). Do note I agree with the poster that Chief Architect is incredibly intuitive but I also agree with the second post that it is good at what it does but not for anything beyond its focused scope.