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  1. Artisan_TH

    3d Symbol 90 deg out

    GOT it thanks for your help
  2. Artisan_TH

    3d Symbol 90 deg out

    you mean open the block and re-block it?
  3. Artisan_TH

    3d Symbol 90 deg out

    I have downloaded a symbol from the 3d warehouse. Imported it, placed it in the floor plan. When I take a camera view it is 90 deg off. Any ideas?
  4. Artisan_TH

    Architectural Block

    Thank you both I'll give that a try
  5. Artisan_TH

    Architectural Block

    Made a trailer with primitive shapes looks good in 3d Block it move it to the library Pull it from the library to a plan in 3d one of the frame rails has dropped. I have not opened the block. When I do open the block and select the frame rails each of them have the identical info in their dialog boxes I have triple check everything. ??? Link to 3d
  6. Artisan_TH

    Interior wall stop

    Thanks Eric and Perry, it removes my insulation in that area but it works thanks.
  7. Artisan_TH

    Interior wall stop

    Designing with SIPs IS there a way to stop interior walls from extending through exterior walls to the main layer.
  8. Artisan_TH

    3D 2 Axel Trailer 16'-20' 24'

    Hello I need three trailer symbols created. I have them drawn in 2 D 360-576-6311 Patrick@ArtisanTiny House