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  1. DonRandall

    Victorian Roof Cresting Symbol or Object?

    Try this web site to download dwg and then create a 3D object.
  2. DonRandall

    Cargo Container Home

    Cargo container homes have been done quite successfully using SketchUP. See: After watching the SketchUP container home animation, you will see the building process, and therefore, you should be able to apply the ChiefArchitect process to achieve the same affect.
  3. DonRandall

    3D Library Site Changes

    Have not posted in a while, but don't like the slippery slope this business approach for SSA members is going. Agree with others, what's next that will require an additional charge over the annual SSA fee? Other than the pain of downloading and migrating in to Chief's library, the Google 3D warehouse listed 937 items for "Dental Equipment"; therefore, for free stuff go to 3D Warehouse.