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  1. Ironically.....I have a family place in Franklin on Highlands Rd. @ Buck Creek. Can you share a sample of your work with me? and a Fee Schedule? Mack
  2. Howdy I own a design+build firm based in East Tennessee. We design homes East of the Mississippi and Build homes within a 100 mile radius of Knoxville Tennessee. Here's a link to some of my work. We are a full service firm and hold both our Architectural and GC Licenses. We're looking for a draftsman that can take our "schematic design" drawings though design development and construction documents. This would be on a project by project sub contractor basis. I'd like to build the drafting cost into my design Fee and compensate a daftsperson by the square foot. I'd also prefer someone in the area but this isn't a requirement. We deal in mostly Hi End Residential but also occasionally have a need for a production/spec set and approach. We are fairly new to the Chief Architect software and with the workload we have are limited on the time we have to "learn" the software. We've been using a combination of ACAD/Revit and Sketch up and find Chief Architect a much easier solution. If you'd like to chat about the opportunity drop me a note. Thanks!