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  1. Anyone else have issues with the update?

    I installed the update and now all my toolbars are missing and I cannot get them back. Tool palette is always empty and wont load any tools.

  2. Anyone else having the problem where the software freezes at the load screen on startup?


    This happened to x12 for me, then I upgraded to x13 because I had not done it yet and x13 worked for about a week and a half before the problem started.

    Re-installing does nothing.

  3. Hi Chiefers,


    I have a weird issue where I have invisible walls being generated and I cannot figure out why. They appear to be generated in the middle of two other wall sections and run through a room. They do nothing, but are very annoying and I am trying to delete them but they keep being generated. I even copy pasted the area in question to a new file, tried everything to delete them, and its still not working. It's not in the room definition, heights, roofs etc... So confused by this. Any suggestions?

    invis wall question.plan

  4. Chief is one of the best design software for single family homes. For larger multi family projects you want to be in Archicad / Revit / Vectorworks.

    Chief runs into problems with performance speeds in larger multi family projects. It is also not set up well to do copy/paste of identical units as the process generates a very large amount of errors that are time consuming to fix. In the multi family projects I have designed with Chief, we always moved to a different platform for building permit drawings.

    Feb 26th Front View.jpg

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  5. Hi Chiefers,


    I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips about why Chief might be ignoring joist directions for floor joists and bearing lines. My software is changing the direction some times and not others, and is changing it on one floor, then ignoring all joist direction specifications on all the other floors. The project file is massive, (2 tower lowrise project) and not suitable to upload.

    Any tips welcome.

  6. 34 minutes ago, Ridge_Runner said:

    Not with Michael's suggestion. Follow his instructions and try it. It is an "orthographic" view.

    Once again it is close, but it is still displaying a 3D drawing from the top down. It cannot seem to display doors properly which can be VERY CONFUSING for clients.


    See sample from Sketchup 1278265672_sample2.thumb.jpg.e9846996735563423eb564af8d2eb690.jpg




    Vs Ortho - top down from Chief.1956409703_ZoomWatercolorSample.thumb.jpg.a258ca8ccf22647e86bade9b3a3b523e.jpg


    Also, clicking every door and telling it to display as open in 3D still does not show it properly....

  7. 29 minutes ago, Alaskan_Son said:

    Orthographic Floor Overview...

    3D>View Direction>Top View...

    Watercolor with Line Drawing rendering mode


    Easy peasy rice and cheesy


    Actually, as stated above this is not what I am looking for. The 3D perspective changes what is displayed, and I am specifically looking for plan view, not a 3D perspective. The results are very different, especially on large floorplans.

  8. Hi Chiefers,


    Quick question. Is it possible to display plan view in the watercolor mode? So far I can only get watercolor to apply to the 3D views that chief generates.


    I have a sample of what I am talking about generated with Sketchup imported dwg from a chief file.


    Chief normal version = Sample 1, sketchup watercolor = sample 2

    Sample 1.jpg

    sample 2.jpg

  9. On 10/27/2018 at 10:39 AM, DRAWZILLA said:

    I'm pretty sure that you aren't allowed to trim any I joists, look in the manufacture's specs. Trimming destroys the integrity  of them..

    Hi Drawzilla,


    You are correct, but if you are using this for roofs you would frame lookouts for the overhangs with regular dimensional lumber attached to the joists. You can also get them custom fabricated to carry the overhang in a trimmed format. Chief can't figure out how to use this material and do that properly. It's an annoying little bug. To do a proper roof framing plan you have to draw it manually.

  10. On 10/27/2018 at 4:45 AM, glennw said:

    Just as a heads up.

    Do you realise that most of your external walls are not drawn perfectly ortho, ie, they a slightly off 0 and 90 degrees.


    Hi Glennw,


    Yes I know this. For some reason chief does this when you copy / paste plans. You can have it perfect in the source of the copy, but once you paste it chief makes the walls a slightly different angle for some reason. It is a silly bug that is immensely frustrating when working with apartment style buildings where you design a unit type then copy/paste it into the structural grid. It also happens when you copy/paste whole floors when you have identical designs. To fix this you have to go around to each wall individually and click to fix it. There is no "align all" feature to compensate for this bug. It is an annoying little problem that is easier to ignore than to deal with.

  11. I solved this by creating two roofs for each building split off the center line. Apparently chief bugs out when your roofs are too long because of some unpublished framing member size limit. Also, chief cannot "trim to soffit" I Joist framing members, but it can trim dimensional lumber, so swapping to lumber solves the graphical error and placing the joists in the long side overhangs.


    Weird bugs that I would love to see someone from QA address. My drafting/architect friends that use Revit/archicad do not have this issue...

  12. Hi Chiefers,


    I am having a weird issue where the roof framing is being generated out of place. It is also ignoring the option to "Trim Framing To Soffits" option and extending the "I Joist" rafters outside of the walls. I have tried all sorts of things to get this fixed and I cant figure it out. Any suggestions?


    I attached 3 images of the issue and a copy of the top floor / roof in a separate file (original complete file is HUGE)

    Roof Framing Problem 1.jpg

    Roof Framing Problem 2.jpg

    Roof Framing Problem 3.jpg

    Roof Problem.plan

  13. Hi Chiefers,


    I have an interesting question for the pro's here. I am designing a very unconventional coffee kiosk with curved glulams and curved walls. I built the initial design by creating the 3D objects in plan view in a source file, then pasting the shapes into an elevation in a new 3D file, creating 3D shapes in the elevation. (See Kiosk Profile.jpg)

    Once the 3D Shapes were created I laid them out plan view in the 3D file and created the 3D structure. (Kiosk 3D.plan)

    I now need to put a window in the curved wall, and cannot figure out how to punch a hole in this shape. Any tips?



    Kiosk Profile.jpg

    Kiosk 3D.plan

    Kiosk 3D.jpg

  14. Hello Chiefers,

    I was wondering if anyone had any good cedar wood textures. I noticed that this one is specifically lacking in the stock package. I am looking for any of the following textures:
    1) Lap siding

    2) T&G siding or soffit

    3) Beam / Posts

    4) Smooth wood grain