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  1. Yes, I did have previous saved versions of this plan. I didn't check the time tracker for most of the project since I wasn't doing an hourly scale and I never manually inserted anything. I was hoping to use the hours applied to changes as a basis for additional fees due to the number of redraws to the plan. I did send this in to support and referenced that it may have been started in the Beta version. I had never seen this on previous or subsequent plan files and just wondered if anyone had seen this or had a resolution. Thanks.

  2. It says you've been working on that for 6 straight months.


    Started more than one project around that time. This particular one had multiple iterations of the plan over that time period, but not every day. The job was a per square foot price and I'd like to know just how much additional time was spent actually making changes. This may be the only plan that accumulated time in this way. I had been using the beta for X8 before it was released, but I don't know that time frame and didn't check the time tracker until after a couple of major changes. I never tried to edit the total because I couldn't find a way to change the format. Just wondered if anyone had encountered this and found a way to fix it or determine the hours .

  3. I have a project that was started in January that I wanted to get drawing time for. The time tracker has always presented the accumulated time in hrs., mins. and secs., but for some reason I'm getting this:


  4. I started using Sketchfab as well, thanks DJP for the heads up. Not perfect, but a quick way to illustrate the 3D model for clients. I tried to use the CA 3D viewer once and didn't get it right the time I did try. I also have Snagit which is useful at times, to create short videos based on screen capture.  

  5. Yep, this is not something automatic in Chief, lots of custom stuff --p-solids. Too much to explain here.


    Absolutely, correct Perry. And not necessary. The building manufacturer submits engineered drawings for permitting. I only took the time because I made a video walkthrough and wanted the visual of the rooms. Way too much time and in the end not cost efficient.  

  6. I made this video a while back and realized afterward that I could have used a quicker method by group selecting the polyline solids and completing the polyline subtraction for each window and door in a single step, but it might help some of you.  I personally still like the added panels to the surface method.  Doesn't seem all that difficult or time consuming to me.  It just requires a little more cleanup than the material region method does if you decided to make any changes to the walls, doors, windows, etc...



    I remember that video. Well done. My project came up before that. Mine had step-backs on all sides and the molding polyline worked good enough


  7. I've tried a couple of options in the past and ended up using Exterior room polylines converted to molding. Worked well with door and window openings. Used a square molding (handrail) and multiple copied horizontal grooves vertically. Vertical cad lines converted also. I had trouble making the long narrow grooves with the material region. I also did the multiple copy polyline solids, but too much work for the openings (trim).

  8. Another symbol that the Original program had stock and lost when CA took over. By the way, Tried to open the plan for the one Greg posted and it did not open in X8. I didn't try X7. I haven't had a need for one of theses for a number of years, but Greg's is the one I would want.