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  1. Hi Jim,


    Glad you liked it. 


    The video uses a 3rd party software....and A LOT of computing power. :)

    Very polished piece of work. I did a walk through for a commercial dance studio for the owner via the contractor. I used Windows Movie Maker so the quality wasn't there. The owners were pretty impressed and had it running on a computer during their class sign ups just prior to construction. About all I got out of it was a lot of experimentation and some money that did not equate. 

  2. CJ,

    Din't have the solution and had just seen this strange stair online. Thought it was unusual. I did look at the Code compliance you referred to and I would be seeking advice as well, or at least check my layout for the required landing. It looks like the landing will push the lower stairs around the center point a bit, but the radius will stay continuous.

  3. That is correct. ACAD has been able to import Pdf's for quite awhile. I noticed that when inserted into a drawing, it was as if my computer went into slow motion. I contacted tech support and was told there was not a solution. I found this article that helped with understanding, but may not help in many cases. I have worked in CAD with drawings converted to Dwg, but a simple line became lots of pieces of lines which could then be made into a single entity and assigned a layer. 



  4. There are (2) types of Pdf images. Raster and vector. The raster images blow up and become huge. Same thing in ACAD. There is a conversion program for Pdf to Dwg.  I have not found a method to reduce the size of the raster files. I have no idea about the MAC issue, but I haven't seen anybody differentiate between the two Pdf formats. 

  5. This is a project that didn't sell awhile back. The owner wanted this look based on a photo of a building that he liked. I tried a couple of things and ended up just using polyline solid panels. I think Glennw did something similar with wall material regions. I preferred working with the panels.


  6. You are correct. I have created a particular baluster for a project a few years ago as a symbol. When I wanted to use the Ironwork provided, I got the same 90 degree problem and struggled to find the right CA video. I don't do fences as a rule, but wanted to refresh my mind as well.

  7. The selected rail that you are placing should be "panel" in the rail style dbx and in the newel/baluster dbx, select the ironwork panel that you want from the library. They are not balusters. You will need to specify some other dimensions and parameters  information in the boxes as well. The ironwork will not need to be rotated this way.

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  8. You can still install Win 7. HP is now advertising that they will ship computers with Win 7. It's very stable and will be supported for a good many years. Can't say whether software is being developed for Win 8.1 specific.

  9. Yes, I was glad that you pointed out the incorrect notation. You posted soon enough that I didn't respond right away. Then there were all kinds of interpretations, so I didn't get involved. Without crickets, some roof lines would not work for remodels.

  10. Couple of things in play. Plan files sent to DWG are typically black in CA because the background display is white. Most ACAD users have a black background color. In ACAD, you simply change the layer colors to white and they become visible. Civil and survey CAD drawings are usually in units (1") equals 1'. In CA, we typically work in feet and inches. Simply scale 1/12. In ACAD, I need to Zoom Extents for the CA drawing to be in the viewport. The Version is specific regarding the ACAD program. ACAD can be saved back to previous versions, but cannot work in reverse.