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  1. I've had a couple of projects with grooved stucco look. For the horizontal grooves, I use the exterior molding polyline, which wraps the corners and trims at windows and doors, unlike the MR. I then use the MR vertically, which also trims and allows for the windows and door. Not a perfect solution, but works for me. My walls are block with stucco surface. The MR doesn't cut the stucco surface, however. 



  2. 12 minutes ago, johnny said:

    I'm curious if something got messed up in the most recent update.  I dont remember this many people commenting on sluggish files before.  Granted, Chief has never been zippy with large files, but there seems to be an unordinary amount of forum discussion on the matter lately.

    I've noticed the sluggishness recently, as well. Nothing to document though.

  3. 5 hours ago, dshall said:


    I had not observed that in the dbx. I have never needed to have different trims on each side. Or at least not in a number of years. I do remember using a molding line once to change the material for one side. Good to know this has been conquered. Thanks.

  4. On 4/17/2017 at 11:22 AM, Dermot said:

    The "Separate Trim and Materials on Each Side" checkbox only appears for interior doors because exterior doors always have separate trim and materials.


    The number of materials that appear on the Materials panel depends on what Door Style you choose.  If you choose a door symbol from the library, then it could be built with only one material or it could be built with 100.  It's all up to the door symbol designer.  If you are using one of the parametric door styles, such as Slab, Panel, Glass, or Louvered, you should see separate materials for each side.

    Just tried the interior door on a blank plan. I could change the door slab colors each side, but couldn't change the trim colors. (OOB) interior panel door.

  5. That process has been available in some counties in Florida for several years now. I don't know all of the details. An Engineer has to pay a fee for an electronic seal and signature either per use or yearly. The counties that I have had contact with use Blue beam software. Sealed and signed construction documents become protected so that they cannot be abused and protect all parties. I could not get the Engineers interested, so I quit pushing the idea. I think they never felt secure enough regarding liability. 

  6. I've had the HP T120 for a couple of years now and like it very much. It replaced a 110R that I had for several years. The T520 would have been my first choice (faster and has stand), but I needed to save on the price at the time (on sale for $800). I'm not familiar with any other brands as a comparison. I love the wi-fi instead of hard wire connection.  

  7. I checked out one of the videos, but There is a new format to access them now, so I don't know the video number. It showed a single room structure. You can still build a story (half) over the existing garage and use the described technique. Actually, it demonstrated (3) ways to do it. I think I typed in "one and a half story" in the search in the online videos. 

  8. Good advice Joe, but

    I cannot find another schedule anywhere in the plan. Deleting the schedule does get rid of the double call-out, but then I get different (additional) door designations that do not match the door schedule. This plan layout has been revised many times and may be corrupt. I don't use the  schedules normally. I'm working with a new Engineer that takes my drawings (2-D drafting) and inserts them into his formatted sheets that include door and window schedules. The door and window installers have done their own take-offs in the past. I thought I'd experiment with the CA schedules and came across this anomaly. The project has already been permitted, but I went back to explore a bit. I have not gone back to other projects to try. Thanks Joe.