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  1. I have tried everything and watched every video available, but still can't get a 12x24 tile to offset into a brick pattern on a fireplace wall. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Good morning,

    A couple of weeks ago you had offered to try and render at higher quality for us at a small fee for your computer's down time.  Are you still interested in doing this?  We have not had much luck with other options. 


    1. Renerabbitt


      Certainly, send over your plan file and any other supporting documentation so I can take a look.

  3. Good morning everyone ... we use the X10 version of Interiors. My Ray Traces are always really dark regardless of how many lights I add to the plan and/or cheat the sunlight to force it to flood the space. I've looked at setting after setting, but not getting anywhere. Has anyone experienced this and if so, are there any suggestions to help?
  4. Thank you to all that have posted ideas and options. I will continue work through it in an effort to achieve the best possible file for the graphics company to print. In the end, the better the image looks the better it reflects on our company and Chief Architect.
  5. Hello Electroman, Thank you for the offer. I am Ray Tracing the image. On Monday, if still necessary, I will forward a high resolution file. Thank you so much.
  6. Good morning Electromen, Thank you for the information. The final print size requested by the marketing team is 30" wide (height determined by aspect ratio). The marketing company handling the trade show is not actually the printer (more the coordinating team) and I think they requested the information the way they did because I sent them a screen shot of the 'Export Picture' window options for sizing and resolution. They were trying to help me fill in the blanks. I will ask them for the minimum PPI as you mentioned. Is there a fee for your assistance if we send you the file?
  7. Note: When exporting as picture (.bmp since caution message said this would be best considering file size), we adjusted the unit of measure to inches, defined the width at 30" (we are trying to have printed specifically for a booth where host designates the size) and we noted dpi at 600. But barring is present upon opening.
  8. Update: yes, we have exported as picture in several different formats and different dpi settings. Sadly, after export, and upon opening by end user, the image has a barring effect running through it. I did speak at length to Chief yesterday and luckily got a very helpful team member. They thought it might me my video card driver NVIDIA dated 2014. Our IT updated it to 2018 version. And I transferred the file to X10 to see if that would help. Still no luck. Chief asked me to submit a case via tech support. So we are waiting, hoping they have a solution.
  9. Thank you again. This is super helpful. We are going to send as PDF with the resolution they requested and fingers crossed it will work.
  10. Thank you Chopsaw and TheKitchenAbode for your help. We are going to try both options. Another quick question, we attempted to set up a layout page at 30"tall x 42"wide (per standard options on drawing sheet set up). When we imported the image at 600 dpi, it does not fit on the page. Wondering if you have experienced this? I would think since we are trying to get to 30" wide it would have fit on the page set up at 42" wide?
  11. We are trying to utilize one of our own high resolution renderings as a back drop for a trade event. We used X9 to create the image. Although we have SSA, the team at Chief was not able to assist. The graphics department requesting our image is asking for 30" width (unit of measure) and 600 dpi. Can anyone help as to how we might achieve this?
  12. Tried turning the Photo On in settings for Ray Trace and the ceiling still reads gray. I am attaching standard camera view and ray trace file. Any other thoughts? Trying to get the ceiling to read the soft blue for the IHG brand standard. Many thanks.
  13. Thank you. No, I had not tried that. Will try now and see if it helps display the soft blue vs. grey.