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  1. Stephen, I made a little PDF sample for you. I matched your standards best I could. If you spend some more time, I am sure you can get it just how you like it or very close to "Acceptable" Once you create a file, make it a template, and then you can use the same standards every time instead of creating it from scratch every time. Example, wall types, window, and text styles, line style, etc. Stephen Chief Sample.pdf
  2. I looked at your PDF. Chief 100% has that dimension style "tick" I use it myself. The font, I'm sure you can find one that's close to your lettering style, there's many fonts you can use in chief. Your door labels is again how I label "2668" goes as the default door label. Window labels you'd have to type in manually that way under the label tab in the window dialogue box and perhaps a secondary text box. Chief has 3D symbols to use for furniture and fixtures, but you can also use their rudimentary cad tools as well make it really custom. All very doable with this program. Standard out of the box with chief is very easy. You can do anything custom as well with more experience with the program. You should find chief very close to your standards. Looking at the drawings overall zoom is pretty close to a chief file in my opinion graphics wise. Tutorials are all over the internet for chief, especially on youtube. And Chief has their own video tutorials as well. Chief can be learned by anyone within a couple hours. Door, walls windows, roofs, stairs. All basic, and very user friendly. Takes more time to master, but you could have a full floor plan for your clients within a week easy after watching some tutorials. I've used chief for 16 years, and surprised more architects don't use this program.
  3. Those that want to upgrade every year that is their choice. I do not feel there are enough changes to the program to upgrade every year (same goes for AutoCAD). 3 Years since I last upgraded chief, and I don't see any worth while updates to the program to justify $8,400 in upgrade costs. My business does just fine, thank you for being concerned with my workload and finances. I can afford it, I choose not to pay exorbitant amounts of money when my program runs perfectly fine for my work flow on 2 licenses version X8. All I need is two more. I don't need smart ass commentslike this for no reason, I did nothing to you and it's very rude. There is zero reason to upgrade at this time to X11 or X12. When there is a good reason to update to the program, I am more than happy to pay it. In the meantime, I cannot justify that cost. Maybe if I cannot get two more X8 licenses, I will wait til the December/January sale if I must when the prices are more reasonable for 4 upgrades/additional licenses. I appreciate the unnecessary response. If chief worked like AutoCAD and there are "file types" like AutoCAD 2013 & AutoCAD 2018 work with X7 & X8 that would be good. But you have to upgrade all the licenses because once saved on X8 it won't work on X7.
  4. What program do you use to capture the desktop video?
  5. Hello all, I have recently been building my company slowly but surely. I currently have 2 licenses of chief architect X8, and I am searching for 2 more licenses. It is unfortunate that to get these additional licenses, it would cost me a FORTUNE as I need to upgrade 2 licenses from X8 to X11, and then purchase 2 more additional licenses.$8,400 (which is completely unreasonable) I am perfectly content with X8 version, and I wish chief architect would let me purchase the older X8 version. But alas, I cannot. Anyone out there that can help? Thank you in advance.
  6. Sorry for the late reply. I will check that out. Thank you Tommy.
  7. I don't think it would be my video card considering the 3D starts working correctly in my template file. It only starts happening later, randomly. Most of the time and most of the files I can use the 3D as intended. To be fair, I've used the program for 15 years. I know which material I am selecting. I am clicking directly on the material and it selects something else randomly. I did not know about the status bar, so thank you. I will try to look there and see if it is trying to select another material instead. I did notice, I tried to re-create the issue again this morning, and when it happened I went from "maximized" view in windows to "restore down" and that fixed the material painter. Does that information help? It's also based on the angle of the model sometimes. If I am high in overview camera, it will start misselecting materials after working correctly. My computer specs are far beyond the minimum requirements. AMD FX 9590 8-core processor 4.7GHz 32 RAM (I believe DDR3) GeForce GTX 960 4GB
  8. Tommy, It happens on all pages, but when the template file starts it works fine. So nothing small on page 0.
  9. Hello All, I have an issue where in layout view, if I try to use the fill window button to show the entire page, it will only show half of the layout page. Anyone know how to fix this? It happens randomly, and once a file is "infected" it won't stop doing this. My template file works fine, then it stops working sometimes. I currently use X8 version. Thank you in advance for any help!
  10. Hello All, I have been having an issue with my 3D for a very long time, and I am getting sick of these issues. My issue is this. In 3D view, whenever I try to match a material with the material painter & eyedropper, randomly, on some files, the material will select a completely different material and paint it wrong. I try to select siding and it paints grass. Or it will select the wrong material and paint the wrong item. I try to paint a wall and it paints the window instead. I have no idea what causes this issue, it is random. Sometimes the file works great, then stops working. I won't be able to paint anything correctly with the eyedropper/material painter. Then I have to use the elevation view to paint what needs to be painted, which is slow and wasteful of time. Another issue I have again randomly in 3D view, I try to select a window and it won't let me or it selects a roof plane instead. I try to adjust my grass pad and I cannot select the edge to move it, all in the 3D view. I hope someone can help me. I am currently using X8 version. I can put a file, but I am unsure if this will help, sometime it works and sometimes it doesn't. Thank you in advance for the help!
  11. Is that a chief rendering? That looks great! If you don't mind sharing your raytrace numbers! As for the question, I did the attached picture. Stucco with arches. I did regular walls, then I used the polyline solid and gave it the proper thickness. Draw the polyline in the elevation view, then convert the polyline to polyline solid.
  12. Do you have a link to the M2 Mother board? I would be getting the AMD FX 9590 CPU most likely, AM3+ chip
  13. #1) Open the roof plane dialogue, go to options tab, under the eaves options, make sure the "default to overhang" is checked, or lower the number to 12-24" #2) Do you have auto roof checked? If so you would have to find which wall was manually changed to a 16:12 pitch. Open up the potential wall culprit dialogue, select the roof tab, then change the roof pitch to 'D' If its a manual roof plane, open the roof plan dialogue, then change the roof pitch to 8:12
  14. Chopsaw, I edited the post with my HDD, I think you might have missed it. The HDD I got was a refurb, I do not have a SSD. Would getting a SSD help even when using the Onedrive? Customer service did not ask about my HDD.