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  1. attached are the images of what I would switch. I added an image of what pops up when I hover over the drop down menu. It says Active Layer Set Control. That's the drop down that I would use to switch between the different disciplines.
  2. That's the problem I was having. I do use annotation sets all the time. I have them set up for all the different disciplines I use. In windows when I would switch the annotation set, it would not switch to the default cad layers for that set.
  3. ok, So I was just using the new Saved Plan View feature and I can see that its the best way to save views and have everything work the right way. But after experiencing the switch from mac to Windows, in my opinion the layer sets, and annotation sets work a little differently in each operating system. From my experience in the mac version When I switched to a different layer set it would automatically change to the correct annotation set associated with it. It worked very much like the Saved Plan Views. Interesting. It's all good now, just wanted to share what I was experiencing.
  4. I'm in x10 (need to change that). I didn't adopt the "Saved Plan Views" I had always been switching Layer sets. It probably wasn't the right way but it always seems to work well. in the mac version when I switch the layer set, the Annotation set /Dimension default would change as well (to the correct set) and the cad default would be selected. So in windows even if I select an annotation set first, the default cad layer isn't being switched as well.
  5. If I'm working in Plan view set with 1/4 dimension defaults and then switch them to both electrical settings it doesn't switch the cad layer as well. It does in the mac version. So I was wondering if I'm missing a setting somewhere. Because it's annoying to change the layer set, dimension defaults and then have to go change the cad layer as well.
  6. Sorry to bring up an old thread. I felt this was somewhat related. I recently switched from mac to Windows. When using Chief on mac, when I switched layer sets the active cad layer switched with it. Now when using Chief on Windows and switching the layer set it doesn't switch the active cad layer with it. I'm probably missing something but not sure, any ideas.
  7. I used Revit for about 8 years on architectural and structural projects at another job. I also used Chief during that same time period for a side business. I’ve used Chief for about 16 years, since version 8 (not X8), I think Chief is hands down a better program for residential projects. Overall Chief is an easier program to use for construction drawings as well as presentation renderings and concept drawings. Using Chief it’s much quicker to go from concept to construction drawings than Revit. Revit has quite a few nice features that I wish Chief had, but after all the comparisons, Chief would be my choice.
  8. Thank you, I figured it could be done. I kept looking in the cad section under presences and editing behaviors. Thanks again
  9. When a poly line is selected the area within the poly line is highlighted, (shades the area). My question is, is there any setting where that area inside the poly line can be darkened or lightened.
  10. Thanks you, Thats awesome. I figure there was a way to make it work
  11. Does anyone know if there is a way to have the Room Labels change size (font size) automatically based on which layer you are working in. The reason for this would be to have the room labels larger on a marketing plan and then have normal size on working drawings.
  12. I build my custom fixtures with Psolids as well, then just apply the a material to the front face. After I get done creating it with psolids I export it to a .3ds and then reimport it as a fixture, this way when I reimport it I can set it to be a certain kind of fixture. So the attached fireplace symbol is set to show up in my mechanical fixture schedule with the proper model number and description. Modern Fireplace.calibz Fireplace Fronts.calibz