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  1. When using polyline solids, it looks like they are accounted for in the trim work section of the material list. Anyone know if there is a different way for them to be accounted for?
  2. Does anyone know of a way to have insulation be calculated as blown in instead of batts in the material list? We don't use batts very often here and I'm just wondering if its possible to designate it as blown in.
  3. I figured it out, it was the wrong material for framing
  4. Here is a plan Thanks test plan.plan
  5. Is there a certain type of joist material to use for deck joist maybe?
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions. This isn't happening on just one plan. RayCas, I've tried those to make sure I wasn't missing something simple. Still no deck framing
  7. Ya, I've looked on the floor below but it's not there either
  8. It's weird but that doesn't work, I've turned on all layer to see if I'm missing something.
  9. When I draw a deck it will not auto frame. I have the Auto Frame checkbox checked and the approbate layers are turned on. I can't figure out why the deck framing won't work. Has anyone had this issue before or have some suggestions? Thanks
  10. There is a Free program called DraftSight that I to use clean up the Engineers CAD drawings and then import them into Chief. DraftSight will open any .dwg and .dxf. The user interface is comparable to AutoCad 2000 maybe. It works well, is fairly easy to use and functions just like AutoCad LT.
  11. I'm running the new iMac 5K, I can't imagine that it is a hardware problem
  12. Has this problem happened to anyone else when opening Layouts files or when clicking undo. It doesn't happen all the time just occasionally When it gets like this, I have to force quit the program. I'm using Mac OS
  13. Could anyone out there who is currently using the new Mac Pro chime in on how it performs? Thanks
  14. I use Blue Beam as well. I believe that other programs can automatically have the bookmark names and labels built into the sheets. Its not a big deal to setup the bookmarks on a small set of plans but on a large sets of plans it could be time consuming. I was just asking about it because our county and city offices are starting to require electronic plans in pdf with the bookmarks labeled with page numbers and titles. Just looking for a fast way of doing it.
  15. Is it possible to create a PDF from chief that has indexed bookmarks with page numbers numbers and descriptions? I have tried searching in the forums and help index for this topic with no luck. I want to see if there is a way that chief can accomplish this or if anyone has been able to do this. Thanks
  16. How do the Mac Pro's run compared to the standard iMac's
  17. Sorry, typo. it runs out of memory a lot. It has 16gb of Ram, 512gb ssd, and Nvidia GeForce GT750m 2048 gb. 2.6 ghz core i7.
  18. I'm just wanting to know if there are any users out there currently using either the newer Mac Pro or the new iMac 5k display. I have a late 2013 MacBook Pro maxed out and it icon stanly runs out of memory (RAM). So I am looking to upgrade to something more powerful and would like some opinions. I had heard the Chief was testing the new Mac pro's but never found out any results. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  19. Using a 2x4 treated sill plate is also common in my area as well. Using a 2x4 plate allow us to place brick on a 8" foundation wall and not have to create some kind of brick ledge. This is actually common in a lot of areas and Chief Architect needs to fix this.