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  1. Hello Cyndi, I can print those out in my office & mail them to you if you'd like. Please let me know if that's something you'd like me to do. Best, Gary Prentice - Country Lane Design -
  2. Hello SCOMOM55, I sent you a private message. Please get back with me at your convenience. Best, Gary Prentice Country Lane Design
  3. I'd love to assist with your workload. I'm on the road right now. Please give a call to discuss. Gary Prentice. 435-477-6564 Thank You.
  4. Hello Marc, Please be advised that I sent you a P.M. yesterday, 11-18-2018. Thank You, Gary Prentice Country Lane Design
  5. Use the "Room Divider" tool. This will allow you to draw a wall between two spaces that will not be seen in a 3D, cross-section or elevation view - yet with the capability to provide different floor coverings on either side of this "Room Divider" line. Good Luck, Gary Prentice
  6. Hello Paul, You have the opportunity to download plans from Chief's website, from their "Samples Gallery." Log-in, and take a look. Good luck with your learning curve, Gary Prentice - Country Lane Design
  7. Try Val Florio at the following e-mail address:
  8. 10-04-2016 9:30 PM (MST) Hello Mike, I'd be pleased to help you - especially under your circumstances. If we could hook-up in the evenings after my regular daily design & drafting commitments, that would be best for me from a schedule point of view; and pehaps even better for you - because at that time of day I'd like to offer my services to you at no cost. Let me know what you think. Send me you phone number via e-mail tomorrow, and suggest a time that's best for you - and I've give you a call. I'll provide my phone number as well. Take Care, Gary Prentice Country Lane Design
  9. I can help you Todd. Please contact me at If you could send your plan file over, I could have a look - and then we could discuss by phone, at which time I can give you the pricing you're looking for. Thanks for the opportunity to assist you!
  10. Hello Tnitty, Please see attached just one of dozens of possible solutions for your roof design. This allows for adequate roof clearance out second floor egress windows, gives some watershed above the front entry door, and just cleans things up a bit. Foundation, hardscape & landscape starts have been included to give a better sense of scale. Should you wish to discuss other options, please contact me via the message that I sent to you about an hour ago. Thank You, Gary Prentice Country Lane DesignCountryLaneDesign_PossibleSolution_02-16-2016.pdf
  11. If its not a view that you can even use - you're dead in the water. If it is a view you can use, you can save the image off of its website as a JPG or PNG - and then mask & crop in Photo Shop, as before. Only problem will be the graininess and loss of resolution. But if the original has very tight pixellation - then it may work out okay. One other thought ... would it make sense to contact the furniture manufacturer and explain that your design will be displaying and in fact recommending their product. Then ask them if they have, and you can have access to, additional photos that may be in their archives of a particular piece? What have you got to loose?
  12. Hello Carolyn, This is a job for Photo Shop. The first thing you need to consider is the viewing angle or multiples angles you would need for your visulaization purposes. As you setup your real life furniture piece, you will need to orient your real time physical angle of shot accordingly. Thinking about your future Chief Architect camera oreintation may be important to you too, as you will later set the Chief Architect camera distance above the floor for your interior room views. Take the photos of the furniture pieces at the desired angles and with the desired lighting that you need, with a digital camera. Import into Photo Shop and crop. Of course you can also play with the lighting and all the other adjustable effects while you're in the program. Save each altered shot, and name in a naming sequnce that will make sense to you or others for cataloging purposes now and long into the future. I have had good succes saving as a JPG, PNG and even TIFF files. There is often some experimentation here. Then in Chief - in the User Catalog under the Library Browser - create a new image. There are instructional videos online that Chief offers that explain how to create new images and/or materials and import them. It will be that new, saved and named image or images that you can then pull into a plan view in Chief, while you keep a separate window open of a full camera view. Move the image around until you like what you see, and voila ... the boss, is happy, the client will be happy, and you can ask for a raise! Good Luck, Gary Prentice Country Lane Design
  13. Hello Annaleisa, Please see my e-mail to your company e-mail address. Thank you. Gary Prentice Country Lane Design
  14. You might want to try Steve Likins as follows: PO Box 2393 Kings Beach, CA 96143 Cell: 530-583-3878 Office: 707-224-1157 I have collaborated with him on projects right over the hill in Napa Valley. Hope this helps, Gary Prentice Country Lane Design (435) 477-6554
  15. Hello Eric, I do not work in the Chicago area, but if you have good, accurate dimensons - I'll do the floor plan for you. Please let me know if I may be of assistance. All The Best, Gary Prentice
  16. Glenn, Johnny & Bill, Thanks you guys. I'll play with your suggestions. Appreciate you taking the time to think this through with me. You're the best! Gary
  17. Hello Fellow Chief Users, I have attached an image of a stair construction assembly that a client would like me to replicate for viewing in 3D. Please note how the spiral stair begins its ascent by being tied to what could almost be called a "pony wall" on the left hand side. Note too, how the iron railing sits atop this wide, thick "pony wall" assembly. However very quickly this "pony wall" looses any association with such a name, and becomes merely the vertically-thickened drywalled or plastered "wrap" of the open stringers of the spiral stair as it ascends. Can anyone suggest how to replicate this in Chief? I have put a curved wall underneath the left side of the stair, but I do not believe there is a way to get the bottom of a wall to follow the upward curve of the stairs. I have tried to tweak the stair tools themselves to replicate such a look, but have been unseccessful. I have thought about using a polyline solid - but once again, cannot figure out how I could adjust the top and bottom of such a solid to be able to accurately follow the angled curve of the ascent. And I'll still need the iron railing assembly to sit atop this mass. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. Gary Prentice Using Chief Architect Premeir X7
  18. Using the ceiling plane tool is the correct approach ... you just need to choose the slope, as you would when setting the slope on a roof section. There's a possibility you have another glitch or two in your plan. If you send it to me with a explanation of what you want to achieve, I'll hava look around a perhaps I can solve it for you. Gary Prentice Country Lane Design 435-477-6554
  19. I can help you out. Let me know what you need. Gary Prentice 435-477-6554
  20. Hello William, Please check you e-mail for a comminique sent your way. Thank you Sir, Gary Prentice
  21. Hello SKD Designer, You've begun where I would have ... contacting the local lumber supplier. I would extend my search to all good size lumber yards within a 30-40 mile radius of your jobsite. Ask them for recommendations for good, quality framing contractors. Another resoruce is the local building inspector. Often they'll feel it inappropriate to "reccomend." But they see more framing than anyone else except the framer himself. Just ask the inspector to meet you for lunch, and then pop the question based upon your desire to know of three names of framing companies whose work speaks of real quality. That should do the trick! Many times General Contractors do their own framing. Many do not. Many GC's prefer to act as construction facilitators who have a network of subcontractors that they go to for all their projects - framers included. For all the work you intend to let-out being your own GC, remember the all too often forgotten construction triad: (1) speed of execution, (2) price, (3) level of workmanship. The dream of every homeowner is to have unbelievable quality, performed for next to nothing, and executed in the blink of an eye! You can never have all three. If you want dirt-cheap - then you'll get what you pay for; the quality will suffer, and the work may drag-on forever. If you want high quality, but at the tradesman's own pace ... then you'll pay more, but your calendar and your wallet will suffer more than you had hoped. The final scenario is one in which you do want the very best: excellent quality, performed as quickly as possible. There are thousands of skilled workman and companies who can give you this level of skill & expertise - but they deserve to ask for and to expect to be paid for what they know and what they can do. Have that attitude embedded when you enter into your home building relationships, and your building experience will be a special time that you will always remember. Why? Because you will have attracted the very best, who give their best - in quality, attention and fairness. Respect begets respect. You will be treated first as a trusted client, and then the relationship will change as you see those who have labored upon your project as cherised friends. How do I know? I've lived it for years, and years. Good Luck with your project. Let me know if I may be of any further assistance, Gary Prentice Country Lane Design Group
  22. Hello there. I am too far for you to travel to - but I'd be happy to answer questions as you go along learning and getting up to speed. Contact me at my e-mail address, and I can give you my phone number and we can discuss it. Probably at no charge - even for miscalleneous hour sessions just helping-out a fellow Chief user. Contact me at
  23. Hello Garth, Pleases send me your plan files so that I can look at what you have created. If you need help doing that, let me know in an e-mail, and I'll walk you through it. After my review, I can indicate to you if there may be any issues that would prevent the creation of plan files for your municipality. Then I would be pleased to do that work for you. Contact me at Thanks, Gary Prentice
  24. Hello Again, I see you still need some assistance. I am the party who left my phone number back on October 10th. I would still be willing to assist you. Send me what you've described, and I'll get right back to you to see if we can agree on the work itself, and an amount. Contact me at
  25. Hello There. Just seeing your post. I could help you with that. Give me a call at 435-477-6554.