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  1. KevinRAmbrose

    centering labels

    thanks for the info Joe, guess it's time to learn more about macros
  2. KevinRAmbrose

    centering labels

    I like the new multiline label capabilities with X8, when I label beams, is there any way to center justify the text?
  3. KevinRAmbrose

    4K molasses

    Another update, anything that requires the software to visually update the graphics based on cursor position, like drawing a cad box, will show a slight lag, it seems to me that with the speed of todays computers that Chief's routine for updating based on cursor position may need some t
  4. KevinRAmbrose

    4K molasses

    An update on my slow as molasses problem, i thought to my self what slows the cursor down when i go from menus to drawing area so I turned off cursor coordinate tracking and crosshair, seems to have substantially reduced lag
  5. KevinRAmbrose

    4K molasses

    So I have a 40" 4K tv running on a GTX970 card - it looks beautiful but when i try to select and draw in chief, the mouse is like dragging through molasses. i upgrade to a 10,000 DPI mouse and cranked up the dpi to compensate for the shear number of pixels to traverse and still seems like molasses, it only seems to be Chief, I run Fusion 360 and don't have the same issue nor in just standard windows programs, I even noticed that the lag seems to ga away when i am over toolbars in Chief, so just seems to be the drawing environment/area. has anybody else experienced this on higher resolution monitors?
  6. KevinRAmbrose

    Framing Schedules

    Is there a way to renumber the number tag/field for framing members?
  7. KevinRAmbrose

    Product Compatibility

    I am currently running X7 on a Surface Pro 3 I7 8Gig and it runs great.
  8. KevinRAmbrose

    Windows Surface Pro 3

    BIll, why exactly do you not use the stylus, is it because of lack of mouse button functionality?
  9. KevinRAmbrose

    Pony wall veneer not showing in plan view

    I usually place a polyline profile on top which shows up in plan view
  10. KevinRAmbrose


  11. KevinRAmbrose

    exterior renders

    Exterior renderings of some recent projects
  12. KevinRAmbrose

    Seeking Assistance with Plan (Roof)

    I am available and proficient
  13. Gentlemen, I am available for contract work, need to get an idea of what will be entailed so we can work out scheduling and pricing. I am on west coast time. PST
  14. KevinRAmbrose

    Design Help In Vancouver Wa

    I am in Vancouver currently doing work with a designer and architect in Richmond, VA but willing and able to take on more work. Please let me know if I can be of assistance. Kevin R. Ambrose Residential Design Specialist 360-608-7932
  15. KevinRAmbrose

    Sketchfab Web Service

    I definitely recommend this service