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  1. thanks for the info Joe, guess it's time to learn more about macros
  2. I like the new multiline label capabilities with X8, when I label beams, is there any way to center justify the text?
  3. Another update, anything that requires the software to visually update the graphics based on cursor position, like drawing a cad box, will show a slight lag, it seems to me that with the speed of todays computers that Chief's routine for updating based on cursor position may need some t
  4. An update on my slow as molasses problem, i thought to my self what slows the cursor down when i go from menus to drawing area so I turned off cursor coordinate tracking and crosshair, seems to have substantially reduced lag
  5. So I have a 40" 4K tv running on a GTX970 card - it looks beautiful but when i try to select and draw in chief, the mouse is like dragging through molasses. i upgrade to a 10,000 DPI mouse and cranked up the dpi to compensate for the shear number of pixels to traverse and still seems like molasses, it only seems to be Chief, I run Fusion 360 and don't have the same issue nor in just standard windows programs, I even noticed that the lag seems to ga away when i am over toolbars in Chief, so just seems to be the drawing environment/area. has anybody else experienced this on higher resolution monitors?
  6. Is there a way to renumber the number tag/field for framing members?
  7. I am currently running X7 on a Surface Pro 3 I7 8Gig and it runs great.
  8. BIll, why exactly do you not use the stylus, is it because of lack of mouse button functionality?
  9. I usually place a polyline profile on top which shows up in plan view
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    exterior renders

    Exterior renderings of some recent projects
  12. Gentlemen, I am available for contract work, need to get an idea of what will be entailed so we can work out scheduling and pricing. I am on west coast time. PST
  13. I am in Vancouver currently doing work with a designer and architect in Richmond, VA but willing and able to take on more work. Please let me know if I can be of assistance. Kevin R. Ambrose Residential Design Specialist 360-608-7932
  14. I definitely recommend this service